[EU] PvP Server Ekera - Migration - Syndicate need oponents

As far I know, open PvP is a problem, nobody are flagged PvP… Except Syndicate in Ekera.The point is we dont have enemies to fight only laggy Wars and it’s very anoying. You are from covenant/marauder that want open PvP? Ekera is your server, you will have 24/7 PvP outdoor. Monkey Army and Demise allways roaming pvp flagged. 100-200 ppl looking for fight. Come with us, come to fight, Ekera wants you.

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Demise roaming flagged ? You been on the same server as i ? Monkeys are the only real pvp guild, at least in openworld.


Demise always pvp flagged HAHAHAH

Monkey army yes, kudos to you guys you are always pvp flagged but Demise is NEVER, NEVER flagged pvp.

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I’m from the same faction, so, I cant to guarantee it. :man_shrugging: (As a Monky yes, in Monkey Army is mandatory PvP flag)

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