EU queueing needs a tweet

During closed and open beta you were communicating really well with us. It does not feel like that any more.

Second day after launch and EU is once again 1:1 in queued:playing customers. Day one I can understand you were hesitant to add more eu servers. It was hard to know how many were actually EU and how many where players from other regions wanting to register their name/guildname, and just play abit, but now you know.

At about 185K, there is currently a full regions worth of people sitting in queue in the EU. EU has 182k playing, USeast peaked yesterday at 192k players. (numbers from newworldstatus dot com)

I realise all the demands for increased server capacity, requeueing after crash, sharding or phasing might not be so easy to implement, but surely new standing up new servers will be? This has already happened in US west, US east and AUS 12 to 16 hours ago, so what is the holdup with EU?

We are really looking forward to explore and experience the game, but cannot…why? Please talk to us.


I can see around 30 new EU servers, but for some reason, they haven’t opened them yet.

We only can wait that they open new servers soon

they done have to open more worlds they have to increase the player cap on the existing ones



I see that newworldstatus, it states 150 or so servers, but it seems only about 90 are available to us, when I do a count on the serverlist in game. It also makes sense with the 180k ish limit total and 2k players on each server.

stop asking for sharding, it is a stupid idea and it wouldn’t work in this game. I agree the queue time needs to be fixed ASAP but I’m sure they are working on server capacity and more servers.

if you don’t want the MMO experience (aka MMOs with sharding) go and play WoW or any other MMO there are a bunch of those out there. sharding would completely ruin world pvp and wars and such.


Yes, one of the things you said I agree with is that they don’t seem to be communicating with us very well.

It could be because they are currently (understandably) very busy, if not overwhelmed, but I had expected a little more “feedback” from them


There are quite a few reasons why they might no just go ahead and up servercaps. Areas might become useless when you more than double the capacity on servers. People might not be able to complete quests. Resources might be much harder than anticipated to get to. People are allready complaining about lag. At least in beta there were issues with the amount of people able to participate in assault on fortress and so on. Quite a few in game systems as well as infrastructure elements could just flat out fail for all on server. That would just make even more people frustrated and angry.

I dont want sharding or phasing, but I see people asking for it. Ive played wow extensively, and didnt like it.

Absolutely. I’m just expecting them to have a large and professional enough organization to handle this like they did in beta.

2h of waiting and DC. Thx.

it is just second day after launch, but agreed that that is a real killer. Really hoped they could pull it off.

One would think that they would look at the Pre order numbers and plan better… Yesterday I just saw the queues and decided not to play, today looks like it will be the same. Thinking of refunding and just getting the game when they sort this in a few months.

I think they should not up the server cap, at least not yet. Once more people get to higher-level zones they could up it a bit, maybe max 1000.

the levels dont matter as the whole map is one server.

Yesh, its horrible. Not even after school and work yet! Tonight will be worse, we need an eta on those new servers.

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With literally thousands upon thousands of people in queue right now, most probably willing to play on whatever server they can - including myself - what’s the hold back? I’ve been in queue for 8 hours yesterday and currently number 935 on the “lowest queued” EU server. I’ve not played a single second yet.

I don’t care about playing on a specific server, I just wanna dive in and start playing. But it’s literally impossible.

Just open some f-ing servers and merge them later if needed.
“700k players as of now!” but how many of those are actually ingame though?



Agreed. Amazon will give us the possibility to move for free, but they need to stand up more servers that we can play on at all.

i have been waiting for 3 hours

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