EU Server Bifrost overcrowded 2k people in queue

Can we please stop accepting people to move here with server transfer and creating new chars?
There is already a queue of almost 2k

Thank you.


same is happening on our server lol EU Abaton.


yup, queues are stupidly high and more and more people still transferring


Yeah this queue is getting insane on Bifrost. No fun at all. How can you accept so many new users?

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1500 people after a DC that your stupid game caused - Amazon, you said at launch we got it wrong with servers and we’re learning from it. Server transfers you said, well thanks for nothing.

DROPPED THE BALL AGAIN IT SEEMS. You can’t bloat a server by letting 1000s of people transfer in and have people who’ve invested weeks have to wait 3 hours to play, all the while letting gold spam bots go unpunished.

Fix this, for the love of all that’s holy, what you playing at???



at least increase player cap to 2250 till find any solution

new world status shows 1.8k people in queue my friend is still 1200 after 1 hour in queue

The kid in his moms basement in charge of transfers has it on a macro. Request pops up he hits the macro and back to porn.

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AGS !!! Close the transfer to overpopulated servers !!! 2 hours+ in queues !!!

Same on Hades.

Sudden 1.5k queues and rising…


I’m 2 hours in and at 1137 …

Care to respond AmaFail?

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I don’t see queues being a massive issue, I understand people want to join a well populated server. I do realize though, we have to be offered some kind of additional queue for those who got disconnected. I used to have my client crashed or just show “lag detected” error despite nobody else from my group had that issue at the same time - say hello to another 3 hours queue?!

I suggest you implement the same timeout system as you did with AFK: if your account gets disconnected by any reason, there’s a reservation in a queue for your account for like 10-15 minutes so people could restart their client/PC/router/whatever & play again. Many activities are just ruined because of queues - I do like the system when there’s a timeout option for someone who left the group & if they reconnect within the time limit, they don’t even have to rejoin the group, still there!. Why wouldn’t it be able to work the same way for the queue: if you failed to reconnect within the time limit, just get in line with everyone else; if you’re quick enough - welcome back, no queue.

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Yep, dced for 35 seconds - 5 hours again in the queue, and thats after waiting 2 horus this afternoon to get in.

I’m annoyed beyond belief, thought this was over after launch and waiting 8 hours at one point and 4k queues.

Why can’t this company act like a company that cares, or even is competent as a game developer??

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I just dont understand how Bifrost has gone from such a quiet server to one of the highest queues in EU. It’s insane!

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Streamers joined

its one of the healthiest servers in that word set

And …

  • the most toxic
  • full of gold spammers
  • full of farmers and afk bots
  • full of xenophobia

But hay, i’m stuck there now.

the xenophobia has gone through the roof in the last week. I cant even look at the global chat anymore

Im hearing stories of people reporting the same bots and racists week after week. I muted a spam bot 2 weeks ago and its still on the server. No doubt still taking a player spot.