EU Servers are actually slowly coming up

No bait.

Looks like the servers are coming up one by one. Go check your list and go play.



you sure… looks pretty darn down still

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You mean SLOWLY 1 by 1!!!

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Come on Open Bermeja plzzz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

not fast enough, my server is still down!!! xD

50.000 eu players are in now. now the rest.

New update:

The team has been able to get the following worlds online:

Vyrij Aepyornis
Aquila Jumala
Dry Tree Tartarus
Grus Goldenthal
Yinjian Kioram
Youdu Yourang
Avalon Marsic
Bakhu Canis
Melinde Barsoom
Thule Pavlopetri
Barri Heracleion
Niflheim Muziris
Nav Quivira
Kvenland Vicina
Pulotu Acrux
Swevenham Acamar

We are still working to get the rest of EU up and running. Please hang tight while and we’ll update you when we get more information!

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