EU Servers down

When are the EU servers coming back online? Its been an hour alredy

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3 hours

Dans l’ensemble, il vaut mieux qu’il fasse leur maintenance la nuit plutôt qu’en journée. Même si certains sont insomniaques comme moi :slight_smile:

are the servers back yet?

servers still down, that completely disappointed

im watching a movie while they fix this, i will be back on the game once servers are up.
see you next week

Nope, still offline… They have sheduled maintanance… Just wait another 20 minutes , thay say something about 3 hours for this update and it is 2h40m already :wink:

Yesterday they said 15 Minutes and took more than hour

its ok. let them do their thing. i was just wondering cause im not on the pc to check

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And last week they say 4hours and it was done in 3… Just trust them a little :smiley:

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Admirable optimism there. :smile:


ill trust you and give them a chance once more

u can create a new post but you are not able to check the news post… you could not have missed it… and then a question like this… holy shit dude… are u 7years old?

:rofl: :rofl:

disappointed because they maybe need one more hour :smiley: hahaha i want to play too but by all the bugs and shit that is going on, dont u think its damn good that they take their time and do something…?

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if the bloodlust bug doesnt get fixed soon, im fine with everything xD i will miss the 30%movement speed when the day comes xD

im level 47 by now with 130 hours of gameplay and i havent encountered any bugs to be honest. dont know what pple is blabbering and complaining for so much

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there are some but to be honest… nothing game breaking in my opinion… ppl just overreact to every little thingy

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yeah i think exactly the same,. i havent encountered a single game braking bug to make me want to jump off the window

if you havent even experienced the buggy end game and still in leveling phase maybe dont talk you make yourself look like fool :slight_smile: bugs are real i tell you hwat.

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