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There are currently 346 335 people in queue in EU and 183 887 people in game, that means EU needs at least 170 new servers to eliminate this queues. I think that even 50 servers more have to be in waiting mode for the weekend, where more players are expected to come. Most of my friends are even thinking to skip this week and start end of next week when they observed the situation yesterday. Every EU server have at least 3-4 hours queue.

I just saw 27 new servers are opening now. Why you are not opening servers according to the demand? This 27 servers will barely move the numbers. 140 more servers are needed ASAP !

Your statistical analysis of the pre-orders for that region is embarrassing, but with the current numbers you can open servers according to the demand and proactively resolve the issue.

Nothing as a statement yet from new world, we need this information to understand when we can play you product.

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Well said Jambi, fully agree

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Where are those stats coming from? Thx

i am forbidden to post external links

The silence from Amazon is deafening. Whoever is in charge of this fiasco should be looking for a new job, preferably outside of gaming. Totally, utterly clueless and unacceptable in this day and age. Given the resources at your disposal this should never have happened. Fix it.

OK, i see now 24 more EU servers are added, that makes overall of 51 servers for the last 1 hour. 120 more are needed before weekend !

Ne sachant pas quelle région est régit par quel serveur cela va être difficile.
2 FR ? et le reste en mode poubelle? Aller encore un effort amazon .EN attendant ca me gave et je jette l’éponge encore aujourd’hui! jour 1 connexion impossible , jour 2 toujours impossible.
Expèrience du jeu :-1:
La fête que devait apporter ce jeu se transforme doucement en cauchemard !

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Je suis également touché et je suis vraiment désolé pour vous. J’espère qu’AGS en parlera bientôt…

How did they manage to hire such incompetent people when it comes to MMOs?

In 2021 the biggest hosting company in the world can’t figure how to make scalable servers work for a game and puts a 2k cap on servers after selling millions of copies of the game, just plain incompetency!

This game was in development for more than 5 years, it seems they just burned money during that time doing as little work as possible.

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