Event clusterbeeeep

Whose idea was to make this music stuff so “important” in game that everyone and their grandparents need to play damn instruments all day in every single town and cause, usually normal and nice vibe in towns, to become nothing else but annoyance.

Music is too loud.
AoE rings overlap with lots of other stuff and ppl abuse it for accidental tips.
AoE rings change the COLORS OF THE GROUND of towns ?! wt actual f
Amazing performance doesn’t need to be so damn flashy so I see it from 2km afar… SERIOUSLY immersion breaking thing.

There is more but this is just what annoys me about this event the most.
Overall… this whole event is badly tought out and nothing really pushes me forward to participate.
I’m doing it just for few skins I wanna get and it already started to frustrate me to the point of taking a break in hope this whole thing will calm down and go back to usual ways.

It’s just… boring, flashy, immersion breaking… and kind of stupid tbh…

Go catch a bug by playing guitar so you can catch a fish with a bug so you can rip that fish apart and take it’s insides to a guy in exchange for tokens.
Just … wow /facepalm

EDIT: i’m aware there is music slider. Still doesn’t change the fact you see colors on roofs, walls and town grounds. You hear claps for “nothing”. You see ppl flashing immersion breaking light outta their bodies just cuz they hit the right note… It’s just… ugghhh

EDIT 2: just realized it’s also luck based event which makes it seriously time consuming and boring beyond comprehension… RNG again decides our fate ffs


Don’t forget to tell those kids to get off your grass!


Actual video of OP after seeing kids walk past the sidewalk

Baby Boomers Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

jk lol relax, if it ain’t your thing just ignore it. You can also mute the game.

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Thats my lawn

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You can call me whatever you want and make fun of this post as much as you want :smiley:
Facts are facts…

This event made towns impossible to be in.
They will HAVE TO change how areas are marked while you perform songs. (current size and looks of these areas are just not working as intended)

You can literally tell these guys never played a game with music in it.

I do not think the word “facts” means what you think it means.

I’m in a town right now.

Look, it’s okay to not like an event. We all have different tastes, but it’s not reasonable to demand the rest of the world changes to suit your tastes. The event will be over soon. If you don’t want to turn off music, or ignore the visual effects or avoid towns or even take a break from the game if it’s too unappealing right now, then …well, I don’t know what to tell you.
Except maybe… grab a stiff drink and give it another go. Sometimes all it takes is the right state of mind… good luck.

You can even mute others music instruments. :laughing: Abusing for tips? Jeez, they must be bilionairs about now from that 10g. :smiley:

Not to mention the initial buzz is wearing off and it’s getting harder to find a musician to tip. I wish they had some kind of map icon (do they?) or a light going into the sky so I can see where my nearest musician is. Maybe even different icons/light colors depending on what bonus they offer. That would be nice.