[Event] PTR: WAR! - Thursday, January 26th

Greetings Adventurers!

Join us in the PTR on 2023-01-26T22:00:00Z to fight for First Light! At our start time we will be declaring War on the town of First Light. Sign-ups will be available until 2023-01-26T22:30:00Z with Covenant defending.

We’d love for you to help test Leaderboards with us! Additionally, anyone who participates will receive a title reward and any player who makes it on the Leaderboard will receive an additional title as a thank you for participating. Note that these title rewards will not be available right away but we expect them to be awarded in a future update.

See you in the PTR!


good luck to everyone participating


Have a good time ya’ll, lmk how things went

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You know what, I’ll give it a shot :+1:

Will the title be different than the last PTR title “Warmonger”?


@Fenne - technically that would be anyone who plays the PTR then?

Because say I get a KD of 0.5 in OPR. I would technically be on the leaderboard, right? (albeit probably towards the bottom)

Or do you mean a specific position in each of the leaderboard subsets? Because if so we need some clarification.


First light is controlled by Syndicate, how exactly would covenant be defending?

They’ve manually triggered wars in the past.

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Ya I’m assuming manually triggering and not having the in house requirements. Can’t really see it happening if the in house requirements were there

Okay makes sense, ty

Just making sure the title they award you will be on the main game right lol

Did you guys already sign up or do we need to wait till they trigger it? I am confused as they said covenant

They will be triggering it at the time mentioned. It isn’t currently available for signup.


Ok, Where is the weapon balance?

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We are offering 2 new unique in-game titles for this testing event. “Warmonger” is not being reused in this instance. Collectors rejoice!

Technically you would qualify, as long as you don’t get bumped off. If you were, you’d only get the basic participation title offered. Based on the number of folks participating and durations of the war, we might end up performing multiple wars during the window.

The war will be artificially triggered through GM functions. Prep won’t begin until the stated time above, during which sign-ups will become available.

Yep! The title rewards will be for your live characters.

Sign-ups are not ready yet, and will be a first-come first-served starting at 2pm PST. See you there!


Make sure you and your friendly healer sign up for opposite sides, so you can both stat pad into oblivion and get top scores. Just a friendly reminder. Nuke boosting meta here we come.

Us only i assume ?
East or West?

There isnt an Info

sucks to be European i guess


This cycle they did only put up US East, so I imagine that’s where it’ll be held.

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