Event Quest not showing up

server Kronos here.

the majority of the global chat doesnt get the questline, me included.
only a handfull of players seems to got the quest but cant tell us where they picked it up.

i shifted some RL stuff around so that i can do this questline this evening.

so PLEASE FIX IT or tell us where the quest starts.


Support says they don’t find an issue with this quest chain, but I don’t believe it.

What was curious to me: I killed the Winter Warrior before accepting the quest, then was able to complete it right away. Maybe that’s what bugged it out.

pretty sure that almost everybody killed the worldboss a few times before thinking about the quest.

there was like 200 people running around hunting it on our server.
i personaly killed him like 10 times, since i had to wait for some friends to come on so that we can do the quest chain together but yeah… no quest…

Same here, the quest is gone.

I only got one quest from the Winter Wanderer which was to kill the Winter Warrior. I cannot pick up any additional quests

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