Event Server Dracul

the best option would be a character transfer within freshserver

this would ensure that the german speakers can transfer to their own, the french speakers to their own, etc.


First: Thanks AGS for the refreshing Event and all the people I was able to met in the Event.

I agree.
A free server transfer to other “fresh-servers” would be the best option. And I’m pretty sure you could do that in a matter of days.

But whatever you choose - we need it kinda fast, please. :smiley:


pls give us a Token so we can transfer to a fresh start server to our german community and the french guys can transfer to his favorite server.


Please, devs, dont let our server die! Something needs to be done fast. We can barely get anything going and its getting lower pop by the day because of this. Show some support for the people that supported your event!

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256 Players online

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Totally Agree on this. We need more people for creating interesting content. Please Merge or allow transfer.


pushing again.

Is there any update regarding server migration/Token, yet? Is there anything else we can support you with to push that topic further?

Bump, I’m on RTA server Titan, please let me use my character…

You all are welcome to Jomungandr^^…

So, still no news for us damned Souls on the RTA Servers…

Here’s your “News” and it’s a bad one.

Nice :slight_smile: So they really learned nothing

Hello everyone, i made a a post about it, i checked tons of posts about R2A events, and we are experiencing same problem. Even our server Overlord (BR) beign the most populated os R2A servers, the situation is terrible, wich means we are all in the same boat.

We created the post to be world wide compatible, please check our post and help us in any way

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Please tell me you got any new information from the Dev Team? <3


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They said too little, but lets see how much they care, we did our part
(Comprehensive Return to Aeternum Event Servers Situation From Players - #59 by Aenwyn)

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AGS plans to merge our RTA-Fresh-Start-Servers into Legacy Servers.

Pls replay to that topic if you think thats a shit idea.