Event Suggestions: Shipwreck, Blight Grove, Ore Meteor, Great Hunt

So, here’s my idea for cool new semi-random events somewhat similar to Corruption Portals that I think would be a lot of fun

  1. Shipwreck

How it would work: Somewhere along the coast, a ship wrecks on the rocks and spills out a bunch of pirates. You have to use a little boat that appears on the shore and it teleports you out to the wreck. You have a limited time to run around the shipwreck, kill mobs, defeat bosses, and “loot” the wreck before the waves destroy it. Each wreck has several quest-like tasks: Kill a boss, kill X mobs, use X nodes. (Optionally, you can complete the tasks multiple times per wreck if you want.) If the wreck is destroyed with you on it, you die and get nothing, but if you complete a task and leave the wreck successfully, you get a reward chest per task completed.

  1. Blight Grove

How it would work: somewhere in the wilderness, a blighted grove full of Angry Earth enemies forms. Wyrdwood and Ironwood trees sprout from the ground, along with Silk and Wireweave plants. Each node can be collected once. The mobs spawn continually and attack ferociously. Once the last node has been collected, the grove vanishes.

  1. Ore Meteor

How it would work: Similar to a Gleamite Meteor, but rarer. A meteor falls from the sky and activates a bunch of Ancients, who attack. Starmetal and Orichalcum nodes form that can be mined once each. When the last node has been mined, the meteor effect ends and the Ancients vanish.

  1. Great Hunt

A larger-than-usual beast boss spawns somewhere, attended by numerous elite beast spawns. Attack them, kill them, and skin the beasts for high-level leathermaking ingredients.


yo thats fantastic.

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Glad you like it!

I think for these 2, It shouldn’t be nodes that spawn, I think the NPCs should be mined or harvested instead. Once they are all Harvested, the Event ends.

This would stop players from just running in and Harvesting whilst others are fighting.

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old suggestion but

Super log dogs (actually a giant tree sprigen boss) once it dies it has 5 mineable nodes (one limb for each team member in a 5 man squad)

meteor golem. same concept same 5 winning node spots.

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Good point.

These are all awesome ideas! I like the thunderous roar the gleamite meteor makes which makes you aware it’s coming. I think your meteor, being rarer, deserves an even more thunderous announcement to herald its arrival.

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