[Event] Tempest’s Heart Speedrun

Greetings Mighty Adventurers,

We’re starting to see signs of corruption leaking out from Myrkgard. Could there be something worth investigating?

Tempest’s Heart has been included in the rotation of Mutated Expeditions!

Are you up for the challenge? Post you and your team’s best run on any level of Tempest’s Heart or a group photo of you and your team below!


To be the first!



VERY nice! Kudos, my good sir, kudos!

How is that even possible? Is this photoshopped? Half the people cant go through this quest non-mutated with out dying.

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It’s very possible. Running the instance over and over again in regular mode, you learn attacks from the bosses, what mobs to skip over, etc. Only difference is you have mutation effects to move away/dodge/heal/stack gem resist on, and the mobs/bosses hit harder the higher you go up in the mutations.

This is very impressive!

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same reason random have such a hard time in dynasty

gen and laz spoiled the crap out of players.

(dynasty having a super broken last boss though is a different issue something broke like a patch ago. no sound queues randomized or missing pedestals are causing issues)

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Awwwwhhhh… Wish I would’ve known. I’d have screeshotted it. It was around 36 mins.

Ew. Already m10? Lol. Grinding baby. Grinding.

Solid group of friends that can dedicate an entire night to mutations when nobody is garbage. Lol.

Frist run for the team last night going in blind for kill count and time, cant complain. Death was and unlucky knock of the platform.

After all the struggle in non-mutated runs with a lot of respawns and wipes I was expecting worse, tbh :slight_smile: But today I ran my first M2 Tempest with random guys from global chat and we did it in 39 minutes, 2 respawns (1 by accident), and no real problems. Sure, our GS was way higher than required but still. Looking forward to higher M’s.
P.S. One possible “issue” is normal enemies’ kill count. We had it at like 89-90/120. Looking at screenshots here, I see others run it the same way :slight_smile: Maybe a bit too much? On the other hand, with 15 minutes left we could wipe all the map out and still have plenty on the clock.

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just unlocked M10. Will try to go again with main group and get better times and stats.

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Im a tank and all off my team was dead, boss have 25% Hp and i soloed it, just dodging and lifesteahl (5% on spear and 5% bonering) s&s and it was nice in mutation 4. I was not skilled in dex just from the spear, just believe in your selfe :slight_smile:

M10 was cleared Gold in 8ish hours from launch at 3am est

We were not trying to do a speed run, but it turned out to be quite fast considering we cleared the 120 mobs

A few points off the 80k mark

Speed run event when people can stack their stats to whatever number they want with shards. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Before speed run, fix this :smiley:


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Super pumped after this speed run on AP East - Delos! A few hitches along the way but nothing we couldn’t recover from! This is the time to beat!

Tank: Dopple
Heals: Praenuntius
DPS: Perihelia, Neddyy, bigWino