Event Turkulon's Revenge boss health too low

This has been happening since i started playing the event, by the time i reach the boss its always dead already this is becoming quite a problem since many are not even able to reach the turkey to even attack it at least during Halloween event ppl had some time to get to the boss and it had quite a health bar but it is becoming quite difficult to even get close enough to turkulon in this event, we just need its health to be little bit high soo ppl don’t have to rush it to get close to it and damage it to get a drop.

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Turkulon can be taken out pretty quick, that’s true. That’s part of the reason why we are running it for more than a week (an extended period of time compared to last year). There will be many opportunities to take Turkulon out and get the rewards, so no need to rush.

In the meantime grab those regular turkeys too for the skinning knife reward, and enjoy all the extra meat!


Other games have dynamic max hp on world bosses, i.e. the more players hitting the boss the higher the max hp gets. Could also work the other way round, start at very high hp and over time drop max hp in case not enough players are hitting it.

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my server so dead it takes 30min to kill it because only 4 people shows up at most and not all 4 are gonna be level 60 most of the time.


No… I’ve played on a dead RtA server that takes 10-15 mins to kill and I’ve played on 1k + servers, both are very easy to get to the Turkey beforehand, you’re just not paying attention it has a ton of HP, and most people seem to not get coating beforehand. It has 10.4 million HP, maybe you should open your map find where they are and make sure you have the closest waypoint, use a weapon that actually has a movement skill and get there at the same time as everyone else.

A bigger marker on the map would be nice as well!

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Yes the marker is a bit tricky to see,

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Your doing it wrong. You can’t hunt big turkeys as a side item to whatever it is your doing. You must focus on just hunting big turkeys.

  1. go to a town or spirit shrine.
  2. look through all the maps so you know where the turkey is not.
  3. keep constantly looking at the maps till you find a turkey that just appeared.
  4. Teleport to the nearest point and run directly to the turkey.
  5. Along the way drink the turkey tincture.
  6. Join the battle and don’t stop attacking till dead.
  7. Receive yer leg and RUN back to the portal and REPEAT.

It really isn’t that hard. I use a musket with skinning gear and the tincture and do 9k to 11k damage.


I did the same as you instructed but during the peak times and beginning of the event so there were soo many people trying to hunt it, it was like they killed it in 1-2 minutes by the time it respawns now as most the the players already got the drops and they no longer have to kill it its easy now to get there and kill it.