Everfall war map changes desired

The current map layout for Everfall wars creates a large disadvantage for attacking teams. As of recent there have been 2 wars that have taken place where the war camp had been spawn camped. There are 4 different rocks spread on the map of which defenders discovered have clear line of sight inside the camp at about every angle and they can be in these positions 5-10 seconds from start.

This causes a clear imbalance for attackers to have time to exit the camp especially when players are spawning before having control of the character. This isn’t simply a “get gud” scenario since it’s such a heavy weighted disadvantage.
Solution? This isn’t an easy one. Possibly adding further borders to the area so at least 2 of the rocks are out of bounds, but this may make the map too small. Make it so 3 of the rocks are not climbable. Or reconsidering the entire layout as a whole and changing the landscape.

As a motivation to review this issue, on my current server and others i have heard from it appears the dominating companies of these areas have grown quite toxic. For me this is now just part of gaming today but others who don’t take it well have stopped playing. I know people will respond saying “too bad for them” but this hurts all continuing players as low population is not good for long term gameplay. Unless AGS plans to merge everything until only eden and valhalla are left in a year in which case that is easily attainable.

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