Every craftable Summer Event Memento

I wanted to do this Fishing display/museum style looking thing, took a lot of fishing to get everything. The boot, swordfish, and Albenaja were by far the hardest to get.
Let me know if you think I’m missing one, and this is on the East server, Castle of Steel, Windsward, first house on the right if you come in the North gate. Stop by, sign the visitor log, pick up something from our gift shop.


Cool house homie


Thank you for visiting!

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Idk wtf you got goin on in the 3rd floor though I’m stayin away from that one lmao

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All i see is clutter. You got too much time on your hands my dude. Houses are for chests and trophies only.

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Furhishing is end game meta, you’ll understand when you get on my level, :wink: :rofl:.

I finally got a darn Soggy Boot to complete the set!

I snagged a painting of Elin River, as that was the spot I did most of fishing for the event.

I’m on El D if anyone wants to check it out…Mourningdale.




That looks awesome, like they’re all swimming in a group.


Ha! Thanks. I just starting putting them down as they were made…and that’s how it ended up. Your way definitely saves on space.

VERY impressive, took a tour today…great job!

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Wow what a big waste of time ! That s how AGS is dealing with casuals ! Give them content and they ll do whatever you give them ! No goal, no purpose …

You’re the guy that gets angry at any mention of Minecraft aren’t you.

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Sorry for having fun Prince Edgelord of Douchington.



Look at him indeed! Congrats my man!

Edit: Actually I’m a little confused… yesterday you weren’t anywhere near the top of the list, now you are hundreds of thousands of points above number 2 and your house looks more or less the same. Why does nobody else have a lot of points in this house anymore?

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I have no idea, the guy I bumped off the top had 700k but as I kept adding his points seemed to lower. I still have no idea how housing points work because inside my house it shows 1,100-ish points. But as you can see I somehow have 600k+ on the leader board.

Answer : The score changed according of your reputation in that territory :wink: and the ammount of PVE and PVP quest you did in that time.

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I was joking…that was the comment made by @MatosQc about the OP…being a casual. Their housing score shows they are anything but casual.