Every Monthly Update Everytime Duping Bug

Every Monthly Update Everytime Duping Bug!!! No Comments!!!

AGS has to investigate this properly and resolve the root cause not patch fixing. When is this going to stop


Thoses we’re in November and October, it’s now March and only consumables dupes. It’s happens and people move on. We will all get through this

that would require competent coders and proper staff, we got AGS the rejects of the worst there is no way to promise it wont happen again and again as AGS never QA there stuff the PTR should be used for 3 months before this crap goes live but they have deadlines and to be honest there shitty little company has failed 4 games so far if this keeps up roll up number 5

beautifully drawn but Jesus H Christ there coding skills Suck


This means that issue existed from November is still there and root cause not found!
It should be really embarrassing for them and this has to be resolved.

They just disabled the trade post again.



Believe me, they will just post another Dev video where they laugh and state that the economy is great, everything is amazing with the game and miss every important and serious problem/challenges.


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