Every OPR lately be like:


fun experience ggs


Yeah we need PvP servers so we can get some good world pvp going. OPR is so damn terrible. The map is awfull. No team balancing. No solo Q and premade Q. The damn fortnite builders who spend 40 minutes repairing doors instead of doing PvP. the list goes on. Opr is a tragedy rn.

Can we plz have some PvP servers AGS?


lmao door repairingg is kinda broken ngl but the thing that makes it op is braindead people hitting the door for 20 minutes instead of just taking another point lmao


Every match is the same for me. I can go mid and my team will either win the first zerg battle and push the enemy outside the walls or the opposite. I dont like the big zerg clash in the beginning its pretty boring.

So what I will usually do is run to enemy side, star/moon and backcap. Most of the time I can kill the 1-2 guys that are there. Cap the point. Where 1 out of 2 things will happen. Most of the time my team wins the fight at sun so the enemy team respawn and all run to star/moon where I am at. I kite them around and play tag with them untill I inevietably die, trying to kill as many as I can before I die and also stall the enemy and waste their time as long as I can because its funny and it also helps my team.

Then by the time I come back to star/moon some PvE’er has come back with a million resources, built doors, respawn and command post. I break the door down, maybe I manage to take down the respawn point also the command post many times. But ineviteably I will die or have to back off because they have too many healers and I cant kill anyone anymore. By that time for some reason my team has somehow lost the 2 other points and are busy trying to retake them so we also lose baron and then the team decides to let themselves get spawn camped and decide to fight at the doors in spawn untill the match ends instead of just pressing W to run to the points.

This is every match always. Unless u get too many premades vs u and you have no premades on your team then its a instant triple cap and the round ends so quickly not even the rank 1 players have 3000 score.

OPR is in an absolute tragic state atm. We need a new map, a new mode, some world pvp events. and pvp servers. One or all of them would be great. but OPR is a dead dud rn and AGS need to wake up and realize this shit soon

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One tactic at the start here as a solo player is to run straight to the enemy resource areas and 1v1. Best options are to their dryad area or run through straight to alpha wolf area. Backcapping at the start isn’t as useful as resource drying them up. Normally the fort builder isnt a great solo player because youll find a lot of undergeared players taking this role. I suggest dont backcap because you’ll quickly attract too many on you (make this choice based on midpoint by watching if its contested or flips really quick)
Another good option is steal everything and drop it in storage or drop it behind a rock and get it later when flipping will make a difference and you can back build fast

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Probably had too many bows/muskets on your team.


Pues imagínate jugar OPR siendo tank, soy como un muñeco al que le aporrean sin que pueda hacer nada, que ganas del espadón para ver si los tank podemos ser útiles en pvp

You shouldn’t take a game seriously that doesn’t separate group and solo queue. New World freely allows pub stomps, which let you know that either the devs dont care or they’re that incompetent.


But we do have PvP servers? Or do you mean “we should force PvP flagged on players who don’t want to flag, that’ll make people want to play.”

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No we Need:

-Crossing Server for an bigger playerpool
-Rolls to Chose (how ever this one Look like)
-Solo and Group Queues
-GS increase to 625 for all Player

All the Same Points for 3vs3 Arena as well

And than wie have a fundamental Chance to get Good opr runs in Future

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Team which has more full squads will always win, the end you cant choose that same with atenas 3v3 better combo win always. A lot of ppl now play ranges, if one team has 30-40% of meeles with max 2 healers, they will just do hard push and your team is done cuz nobody will protect your team backline.

Tbh qs for solo and group will not solve problem. Enemy’s team will be matched with tryhards like me and if we will have lack of healer I will swap to him and use ingame comms with my group always 2-3 players willing to use them. Also this GS is also bullshit if u have 590 or 625 does not matter if they know how to play u will die instantly from 3 players.

No I mean open up pvp servers with autoflag so those people that WANT that can play on a server like that and the people who dont want that can stay on the regular pve servers :slight_smile:


that is correct. my team was all bows/mages. just like always. all thes esuggestions to kill off pre mades are way too drastic. all opr needs is a better map + bow/mage nerfs (+ bruiser buff) and we’re good.

sounds good but a server full of pvp players means = terrible trading post. a good server needs both pvp and good pve players.

You know what just do like me, create your own froup for OPr check their build etc. After I write in global LFM OpR link gear + voice comms, need this and this I have full party in less than 3 mins… Really a lot of ppl want to do it but they are too shy … Or just join company, and OpR become really good experiance.

i have friends to play with but that doesnt change the fact that these games are just not fun at the moment. its so boring running from point to point chasing mages and bows. or capping back points. i dont wanna win, i want good fights to get better.

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OPR is small scale content if u wanna pratcice pvp imo arenas are better for that. Ofc once you will be matched against bows, secondly against full bruiser. Playing OPRs with randoms is absolutely same exp. like going m10 dungeons also with randoms is a big shit show xd

i do play arena but i prefer OPRs. i’m mostly healing and playing heal in arena isnt really fun imo.

Every OPR lately be like:

And I’m like:
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