Every Question I Have After Over 100 Hours of Gameplay

After playing New World for over 100 hours now, I have a lot of questions about the game. So, I thought I’d list those questions here.

  1. Why can’t I swim?

  2. How is it that I (and pretty much anyone) can jump higher in real life than my imaginary, virtual character can on a video game?

  3. Why is mob density so high?

  • And since it’s so high, why do enemies respawn so quickly?
  1. How do I often pull enemies that are nowhere near me?

  2. Why does fast traveling cost a special resource that is only significantly rewarded by playing certain parts of the game? And even then, the rewards are mediocre at best?

  3. Why does logging take so much more experience to level up than other skills when wood is primarily used to craft furniture? Is this a housing simulator?

  4. Why are there no vendors? Especially when so much of the game seems to rely on a player having money?

  5. Why is the map so grossly huge that it seems to have been designed for mounts, and yet there are no mounts? Especially when fast travel relies on a special resource?

  6. Why is it that I can accept a quest only to be told to run to another continent to complete it and then run back to turn it in when most games offer you quests that are generally completed in the immediate vicinity of the quest-giver?

  7. If Corrupted Portals are one of the primary ways to farm Azoth, why do they each reward you with such a slim amount?

  8. How is it that wolves can predict my actions so well that they are able to dodge my attacks? They’re wolves. Not martial artists.

  9. Why do I have to run through a battalion of elites just to get to the entrance of a dungeon?

  10. Why do some quests require me to fight through 100 enemies just to get to the one guy I’m asked to kill, only to find out that that one guy is 10 times stronger than what I’m able to handle on my own? Why wasn’t I told that in the quest info?

  11. Why do enemies in the late game occupy many of the main roads? Aren’t those roads there for me to feel safe enough to travel and to only get into combat when I want/need to?

  12. How are expeditions not more rewarding? I have yet to acquire one piece of gear that my character can actually use.

  13. When I die, why is it that I can’t respawn near where I died and I can only respawn at a camp or the nearest settlement? Especially when I can’t camp in a landmark? Some quests require us to spend half an hour grinding through dozens of enemies to get to one guy, only for that guy to kill us and make us have to start the whole process over again.

  14. Why is there a cap on Azoth when it is one of the most necessary resources in the game?

  15. Why is there no point in making a company unless you have 50 friends who play along with you? It is inevitably more beneficial to join a large company that is active.

I don’t even think I listed all of my questions, but these are the main ones for now. I’m just…disappointed in these developers. There are plenty of MMOs out there who have laid the groundwork for what makes a good MMO, and yet it seems they have abandoned all of that for their own product.

I’m not saying New World has to be exactly like other MMOs. There are plenty of things that make it unique outside of the issues I addressed. But these issues are basically common sense at this point in time. Past developers tackled these issues so that future developers wouldn’t have to.

New World honestly feels like it was made by a bunch of people who love video games but have never played them.


I can’t answer all your questions but it’s supposed to be challenging. New World is an old school kind of game with lots of grind. Some players love that and others don’t. Many of the development decisions are intended to generate conflict, which is the heart of the game. And to encourage grouping both to ease difficulty and to create allies in the middle of all the conflict.


Still, I don’t think most of my questions are inspired by a difficult game but by a poorly-designed game. Most of them don’t address its difficulty but its design.

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Alot of grind IMHO means noone has reached end game content now, because there is so much more grind todo. In this game you level up very very fast. And then you start to realize that not only is the grind over, but level 60 content is just a bug fest.

Outpost Rush - Disabled
Higher Portals - Can’t be closed
Wars - Immortal Hacks everywhere
Invasions - (Didn’t play)
Level 60 Dungeons - Noone runs those, because you can’t farm mats for the turning orbs and you don’t want to waste your turning orb. a) You want to be able to craft them first (see Higher Portals bug) or b) you want to have a higher GS Watermark. And GS Watermark is the most boring grind there is. But that is something you can do, which means running elite areas. This is all we level 60 people do. Ah sorry we farm low level mats like green wood to make money. That is all we do.

I think 2-3 month those issues are fixed and the level 60 content will be great, but for now it is a bug fest. Also bosses that spawn when you collect a quest item and don’t need to kill the boss. Is very funny. Having the same boss 100+ times at the same spot just looks awesome. Don’t get near it tho.

Currently most important seems the server transfer and I agree on that, but this is taking way too long tbh.

The illusion of content. If you have to walk somewhere for an hour and then walk back for another hour, an illusion of two hours of content was just created, where there was no content.

Every road is overfilled with zombies, and off road is packed full with wolves and pumas. Nowhere is safe, ever for a moment.

Once again, the illusion of content, where there is none.

I don’t think your questions are accurate. Sure, you can ask why but giving reasons for each one will not satisfy you. You can give your opinion about each said topic how you don’t like it or what you prefer. Each thing you listed is either determined through testing and preference, or by what the developer is looking to create. Poorly designed is simply you saying the game is not in a finished state up to your standards. Sure, there are plenty of things you can add to this game to make it more fun at the end of the game, but technically outside of bugs the game is decent. It offers PvP, PvE, and grind.

I will give you an example -

  1. Swimming can always be added
  2. It’s a Video Game
  3. determined through testing
  4. possible bug
  5. to create a grind
  6. End game
  7. to create a grind
  8. The game is fine without

That’s enough for me.

I’m not for sure on this one. I’ve heard in other chats that it is because of the engine they used not having swimming animations. I personally thought it was so people couldn’t bypass certain things.

This made me laugh. Truly it did!

Because people early on complained that they had to wait to long to kill certain mobs for missions. Hence the higher respawn rate.

Agro ranges in all MMO’s take awhile to get used to. Sometimes this is really bad in game and other times I feel I can get pretty close and not have them agro you. This can be confusing, but nothing I haven’t dealt with in any other MMO or even game in general.

Because if it didn’t cost any of that resource then everyone would fast travel everywhere and owning multiple houses wouldn’t really be a thing. Early on this sucks, but as you progress and own multiple houses then you will be using those and your inn a lot more. I do agree that they should lower the Azoth cost to fast travel though.

I have felt that logging does take more than other gathering skills to level, but to be fair, if it leveled the same then logging would be so easy to level. All you would need to do is go out and easily cut down tons of trees that are everywhere. Its not like mining or herb gathering since those require you to find certain resources that are hidden. There are trees everywhere in abundance. So that is probably why.

I think it was to have a purely player driven economy. Right now I agree with you, but hopefully over time the player driven economy will work. Only time will tell on this.

Because this game is all about exploration. Much like fast travel, if you made it to easy then nobody would explore. Everyone would rush from A to B and that isn’t what this game is about. Also, every MMO I have played started with zero mounts and then added them later. I would bet money that in a year or so mounts will be implemented.

I do agree that quests (especially townboard/faction quests) should be completed in the areas in which they are given.

To keep you farming them. If you gave tons of Azoth then people would only farm a couple portals and then quit. The same could be said about gold in any other game. If I need gold to buy stuff then why does each mob only give me a little? Because you aren’t supposed to kill a handful of mobs and buy everything.

I have actually enjoyed the AI on mobs. Also, is it only animals that bother you for having actual AI and not just repeat the same attack every time? I actually found this to be one of the most refreshing things about the game. The AI is actually semi smart on occasion here.

Have you ever gamed before? This is literally in every game I have ever played. It would really ruin most dungeons and aspects if you could just fast forward to the bosses and ignore everything else.

Edit: My bad. I read this incorrectly. I was thinking you meant why you had to go through so many mobs just to get to the bosses. You meant just to get to the dungeons themselves. My fault.

Another aspect that I enjoy about this game. I never understood why in other games the road was usually always “safe”. Are the animals and enemies just afraid of the road?! Again, I believe this is to prevent low level characters from just roaming anywhere. Instead you need to work your way into those areas or be extremely good at avoiding agro.

I literally just read a post where people were complaining that gear is dropped to easily on this game. I feel they do a decent job with gear here. You get a lot of junk, but you just salvage it for coin and repair parts. You are correct that it’s not often that I get new items from dungeons, but I’m guessing this changes a bit when you get higher level. Also, I tend to usually be a higher level than the dungeon recommends which means I’m usually rocking higher gear than is dropped. That might be your situation.

I feel you on this one. The camps work, but you just need to make sure you put them down before entering a landmark. Especially one that involves you killing a mob at the end. It doesn’t take much to put a camp down and you can do it literally before every single one of these areas you step into.

I’ve wondered the same as well. If there needs to be a cap for some reason it should at least be higher than 1k. I would recommend they either lower Azoth costs or increase the cap.

I have no response to this since I am not in a company yet.

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I’ll give it a try

They didn’t had time to do it for release and since it have no real impact on gameplay they left it for later.

Is not that low and climbing is great, yeah it could use a little bit of extra eight but is not game breaking or anything.

I’m pretty sure they tuned it up for or after release, they should absolutely reduce it now.

No idea here, I have no problem avoiding them, just stay at 6-8 meters from them

Fast travel isn’t free because the games they took for inspiration don’t allow it either or make it expensive, the point is that in that way people will travel with resources to a city that lack said resource in order to sell it. But there are design flaws in the map that prevent every city from having a healthy market, making the central ones the un-official market of the server. This absolutely have to do with full pvp being removed, the central town should have it, making them more riskier to travel to, making the price go up in said towns. but well, that’s what we got with several others design flaws originated by this turn they made from full loot pvp without adjusting everything else properly.

The azoth si just there to be a reward for a premium feature you pay with real money.

Another remanent from the time this game was design as a full loot pvp with gear sinks, wood would be used way less than iron and fiber, since only a few weapons use wood, and none armor use wood. Wood would be used mainly for furniture, since there was gear sinks and no furniture sinks (also consider how common trees are), they made it harder to obtain so it had a decent price compared to the other resources.

Again a remanent from the full loot pvp with gear sinks, the player driven economy was going to work decently with gear sinks, making materials and everything else retain some value (and not to decrease in price eforever, in the way it’s happen now). For a player driven economy the ideal is having as many gold sinks as you have gold input, they balanced a lote of aspects of the game around this logic, that is why the gold you obtain from quests is limited (when you run out of quests, making that every new player add a fixed amount of gold to the server) so after that you only have a few gold inputs, the rest of the money for end game players was suposed to come from the markets, but since the economy is flawed by lack of gear sinks and too much and too goo gear being droped, we ended with lvl 60s not having a reliable source of gold.

Is not that big, the issue is that is nothing to do on it. Most quests consist of ‘‘walk here, do something, walk to this other location, do something, go back to town’’. Now imagine if you were traveling from one town to other full of iron ingots to sell there since the price is better, but you need to be checking your back in case someone gank you and you loose everything due to full loot. You even asked a few friends to make the trip with you for safety and the archer is 200m in front of the party scouting. Yeah that is why the maps was fine for the game, and fast travel was not on the board, again a remanent of full loot pvp with gear sinks.

The rush to create pve content for a game originally designed for full loot pvp, the people in charge of quests probably was given a certain amount of hours of gameplay they needed to generate in a few months, so they used the walking to prolongate said gameplay.

Azoth is there to bought with real money in the future, and the ways to obtain azoth by playing are there so we can’t call it p2w.

I’ve never seen a wolf or any other mob dodge my attacks, sorry.

You are suposed to kill them?? maybe the real issue is the respawn rates, because if you kill them one by one the first you kill will respawn at your back while killing another one. As I said before, I believe they tuned it up for release but should revert it now.

I’m pretty sure most quest tell you their lvl, but if they not, no big deal, go level up and come back, is a usual thing to happen in mmorpgs.

No idea, in fact roads should be a way to avoid most mobs but taking longer than walking in a straight line.

They should be rewarding with every item they drop to you, since you are supose to sell in the market, but since the economy is dead because of reasons I explained in other questions, yeah that’s what happen now.

it seems logic to me, the game need some kind of punishment for dying. I know I have said this plenty of times in this post, but imagine if it was full loot pvp, you really want to spawn in the middle of nowhere naked??. But yeah they may change that now since there isn’t full loot pvp.

So you can’t dedicate a week to farm azoth and acumulate it for later, instead you either need to constantly farm azoth or just buy it for real money on the store whenever it is available.

Why not make a company and recruit people?? what kind of content can you imagine they can make for COMPANIES (not party) of 5 people? and why not make it just a party activitie instead of company? Company or guilds are suposed to be big I guess.

Wood is not primarily for making furniture. It is primarily for making charcoal :slight_smile:

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I think in this case it’s because there’s not a lot of instanced content so they don’t want us to be in an empty world. Especially given the instanced content that does exist largely doesn’t work or isn’t worth doing currently.

Sometimes this annoys me if I wanted to go solo things (and I’m a focus spec) at a higher level. I can’t kill high levels mobs fast on my own (wtb dual spec) and high level mobs respawn fast even when nobody else is around. There doesn’t seem to be a system in place to adjust mob respawns based on how many players are nearby (or it’s tuned poorly).

In some cases this is really helpful though when trying to level weapon skills or farming a named mob or whatever.

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Inaccurate. “Poorly-designed” would first mean that it doesn’t meet the industry’s standards. Which begs the question, if it doesn’t meet the industry’s standards, should it meet the player’s?

The heartbeat of my point is that game developers, especially those that have developed MMOs, have spent years constructing the framework for what makes a solid video game. Which gives future developers little excuse or reason to build their game outside of that framework. It doesn’t mean they can’t create a unique experience, but the foundation of that experience should typically be the same as their predecessors.

It seems that AGS just decided to throw all of the experience of their predecessors out the window and do their own thing, which CAN work, but rarely does.

Maybe you haven’t reached the endgame yet. Or maybe you have and you’re just a PvP nut. Even still, it’s not enough of a decent experience to justify continued play.

Players had several opportunities to test the game for free before buying it, so that there is conflict and pvp at the heart of the game should not be a surprise to anyone. Fortunately, you can block any player that offends you and report them if you feel it necessary.

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