Every single drop should be good and used towards endgame

This is one of the major issues in game right now.

When you do something in the game should be always work to the endgame if you want people to stick around.

Destroying any item of any tier in game should give some kind of material that has to do something to upgrade or make the endgame gear better.

I explain with an example:

  • I go to chestrun or dungeon

  • I dismantle the items collected during the content and I get some kind of ingredients

  • those ingredients have to be bind on pickup and not tradable otherwise doesn’t make sense.

  • If you have enough of them you should be able to combine into some kind of legendary orb.

  • This legendary orb has to be used for something powerful like reroll a perk or give a perk to violet items.

The concept should be this

  • Every single drop has to be good drop used for endgame. In path of exile I think this is what made people stick for 10+ years.

Delete from the game the feeling of dropping useless stuff constantly. Same thing should apply for fishing or anything else

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