Everybody has 50+ Armour pieces in the inventory, let us finally group Armour Sets and assign them to hotkeys

This is already a default feature in other MMOs. An important base feature. Nothing highly risky or experimental or even out of the norm. A default feature. A Common Thing to be found in similar games. An expected feature. An integral functionality for advanced players and beginners alike, which neither harms anyone, nor gives unfair advantages.

Please, literally pick any existing MMO in this universe of ours and look at how they do it. Pick any of the available schematics and give players at least that tiny piece of QoL.


Here is an excellent proposal coming from the French forum but with a good English translation below.

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50 armor pieces?

thems rookie numbers.

im sitting on about 7 towns just full of armor and weapons.

ready to be smelted down into half a digital shoe once that recent dev blog pops off.


There are about 40 or so feature requests for exactly this, since the very first alpha - and now a few years later, after deliberately not believing the community but having tons of metadata evidence how players play the game, this core feature is still missing.

If i told that to any other gaming company, they’d probably die laughing, we need to be really careful here. I could make this shit in one afternoon in lumerjack, 2 hours in UE5.