Everyone hate proxy-companies and servers dying, besides the players inside those companies, so... [+ SOLUTION]

Imagine Company Shell1 has WW, EF and BW, and they have 80 players.

  1. Defense:

Nowadays: what they do is simply put siege respectively 8, 9 and 10 PM. So whenever these territories are attacked, they can defend it easily, since they make ENORMOUS ammount of gold and at least 50 ppl are already BIS geared.

New scenario: they will have to at least split the 80 players and yet they are NOT going to be as tough as they are now, giving other Companies a much higher chance to control these lands.

  1. Attack:

Nowadays: same thing as defense scenario, they run the influence with whatever guild they want, declare the war and transfer all the players to this Shell2 Company.

New Scenario: They’ll HAVE to split up in order to attack multiple territories, since they’ll not be able to join Shell1 or Shell2 because of the CD.

I’m of the opinion they’re gonna game the system to the very end.

Anything we do, they’ll find a loophole in.


Why does which company people are in effect whether that person can join in a war? If a 100 players split into 10 companies of 10 people each, they can push 10% each and win every declare and the 50 best players across all 10 companies can still participate in each war. 10 companies, 10 territories, 10 different siege timers. All essentially the same company, let’s call them ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, etc.

How does your idea solve this?

Company swap cooldown doesn’t matter for attack or defense unless you put in another mechanic that blocks those people from participating in a war for another company, because you can slot whoever you want as long as they aren’t from the attacking faction. If the siege timers are different, you can still have the same 50 people in those 3 wars you mentioned. Nothing changes there.

It matters for influence pushes because a company can push 10% in one, then 10% in the next, then 10% in a third, etc. Lather, rinse repeat until the territory is in conflict. And they can do that to multiple territories. The cooldown on company swap would limit people from going from one company, to another, to third, fourth, etc. during influence pushes. If the company swap cooldown was the only mechanic in place, people with say 80 in a company might just leave 20 people in 4 companies each, then have 10-15 of them rotate each influence push after they get the first 10%.

That’s why this needs to be combined with a war cooldown, or the inability to participate in a war for a company that you left, or something else that closes this loophole completely.

It does not matter which company they’re in lol. They can still be slotted.

How hard is that to understand?

The only way your idea works, is if companies are required to have 50+ players in a company before being eligble to declare on a territory. Kind of screws small companies…but it’s the only viable way to make your idea be possible.

This solution solves nothing. Players can sign up for a War whether they are in a company or not. They can be given gold by inter-player trade. So each shell company really needs only 1 person.

The best solution, to which there can be no possible workaround, is also the solution that solves this issue, and many other issues and exploits: Just delete the player-controlled settlement system entirely.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


Added “Only members from the company are allowed to attack/defend.”

Added the “Only members from the company are allowed to attack/defend.”, now it does solve.

Just get rid of factions and the whole issue becomes much manageable for the player base. These proxy-companies can no longer hide in factions. And will be attackable by everyone not in their coalition. Meaning more targets on their backs to manage.

Plus, they’ll have to compete with more competitors over the war dec.

It won’t completely fix the issue. But it will mitigate the adverse effects this issue produce.

Yup, I also agree that the Faction system right now is just flawed. For me this could really just be banished and the Companies would become the new Factions.

Would love to hear something from AGS.

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I generally agree with this but I think it’s too big and drastic a move for AGS to commit to.

Factions have barely any defining features anyway, and territory control is generally just invasive.

No. Now you’ve hurt every legitimate company. Companies who are NOT full of sweaty try-hards will have to have a stable regular roster of 50 players with no life except New World to do anything. They can’t recruit help from anyone.

You just made things worse.

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Now you just limited the amount of players able to attend wars. Not many companies have 50 active players capable of warring…or are even interested in it.

Small servers will never have full rosters


Game probably needs to scrap the company control system and go to faction control with set war times for each settlement that are staggered throughout the day. Players that are online randomly get pulled in like invasions. Remove control to kick or manage roster.

Only players matching the attacking defending color can receive invites. Randomly roll which color faction gets the attack dec.

This would solve a lot of issues. Profits from tax revenue go to all faction players for all revenue as a dividend. Figure out a way to pay for town upgrades from factions. Maybe require faction laps or missions to pay for the upgrades.


As a 2.5k hours player maining NW playing in most populous and competitive servers in EU I got a few observations.

  1. all systems can be flawed. 2) the problem is invasions and people not wanting to attend them 3) people try to find money as much as possible so big companies move around to get WW EF BW 4) BiS gear is a nicehave but isn’t the reason you can’t get a major territory in 50v50 but game balance and war rules influence the outcome of the war a lot of times.

If you balance wars a bit more, so attackers have advantage over defenders, then you will see a lot more territory swapping hands, therefore everyone will get more money=> more people will be happy.

If you match that with a bit of spreading taxes around settlements to pay upkeeps (or just spread taxes around the map) so major territories get a bit less and side territories a bit more then majority of servers will be better. Don’t have to scrap factions or companies as players will play to the fullest extent and try to bend the rules regardless

Who cares about proxies when you are about to lose. Declares and 10% don’t really matter if you push with one or 10 companies as realistically it’s the same chance, the war timers matter

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Hm, that’s not true,

The sweaty players will fight for the capitals, companies that don’t have 50 players will have to hire/merge with others, and what’s the problem about it?

I agree 100% with you that this should be done, but didn’t want to talk about this in the same topic as it would be too much.

But yeah, we do need a spread to other territories, as some of them are just useless compared to Capitals.

A lot of servers died because of the shell-companies system, fighting this mechanic would bring more people once again, and yeah, small servers should be addressed by AGS ASAP with merges and etc… no one likes to play with other 199 ppl in a game like this.

increase company size to 150-200, force roster to be made up for at least 25-30 players from the company declaring or defending, one company change per week.

I guess allowing only company members to the roster is a good thing.