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I have never denied how complex it is or isn’t. That doesn’t mean it’s a good look making a video full of excuses. People just want to know what features are being worked on and when it’s coming. When your game is dying, and making videos like these isn’t a good look. Should be making videos talking about things to look forward to or things that might be improved in the game currently. Not just a bunch of woe me, things are hard to do to get out to our customers. Just creates more negativity and more less desire to play.

A couple of tips, the game will be fine and the first expansion is going to be huge. But they arent going to reveal everything, thats not how the entertainment industry works. Meantime you can see they are optimising the performance of the game and improving whats already there Quality > Quantity. Then when the expansion drops, the 1-60 experience will be finished months earlier, ready to embrace an influx of new players who are tired of cartoon graphics and tab target combat. Its clear there are many whining here because they can see the potential, this is going to be a great mmo soon, they just dont understand why they cant have it now. Hence the need for the videos to communicate and buy time. Bill Gates once said, video game programmers are amongst the most intelligent people in the world. Have some appreciation for how complicated it is.


Given the amount of content, balance patches and fixes that have been put out recently, the arguments in the video only make sense if you are running a 20-people team to support this game.

In that case, of course it will take 6 months to release cross-server OPRs

If you want to use analogy so try going to a regular restaurant and request the food to be ready in 1 minute, then say they’re giving excuses when they don’t meet your expectations.

Listen, I don’t think AGS is doing a good job either but the behavior in this forum is WAY worse than AGS incompetency. We don’t even know how many people work in the game what’s their budget.
It’s pretty clear in the videos is that the devs are really invested in the game (unless they’re very good liars) and they also want to update things asap. Are they making mistakes? OF COURSE, but game dev is a long process even in a perfect scenario.


I don’t deny that adding brand new content (new weapons, gearset storage, heck even new maps) takes a different type of mindset and resources. Whats extremely frustrating is why its taking so long to tune EXISTING items in the game to improve the user experience. And I did not hear any explanation (excuse) as to why it is taking them oh so long to tune clearly broken aspects of today’s game.

2 examples:

1.) Weapon Balancing. This isn’t new development, this is simply someone editing the giant table/database of weapon/ability damages and perks. They should be able to iterate on this quickly, and I’d love to see balance patches every 2 weeks or 1mo (even if not perfect at least start moving things in the right direction). Obviously some problems in the game related to balance can’t fit into this category (ex: delete/rework musket, delete/rework defy death perk, etc etc), but you could at least make an attempt at balancing by dropping the time of defy death or changing it from immunity to damage to 75% damage reduction within the current framework…Or on the musket change base damage if damage fallout vs. distance isn’t something in the code today. Something…Anything would be better than the 4mo broken pvp balance we still have right now…

2.) Colored AOE abilities. This will probably be a controversial opinion, but don’t try to tell me that this required a ton of brand new development. Obviously the system already knows which spells are friendly and which are enemy based on whether you get healing/damage or you don’t…So lets not pretend that some huge effort needed to be done to figure out which spells were your team vs the other team. And the game already graphically displays spells that overlap (just look at two sacreds and how they overlay today). I’m truly perplexed how this took 1 year. I mean friendly spell = #00FF00 and enemy spell = #FF0000. Done, boom, lets go (OK OK i’m sure its a little harder than this…but its not “total new development”)

After listening to this video it just seems that the devs are caught up / prioritizing total new development (New backend / engine optimizations for upcoming features, bigger new content or systems like gearset storage or completely redoing the influence game).

My personal opinion is AGS would benefit greatly from creating a separate “tuning” team, whose sole focus is optimizing the game within the current framework (at the bare minimum balancing pvp or gathering/crafting/loot by tuning existing knobs (tables) within the current game elements & infrastructure). Then, let there be a separate total new content (ground up team) that works on conceptually new ideas and brings them from scratch into the game. They don’t seem to be able to do both in parallel at the same time, and in my line of work there’s a reason we separate development engineering from sustaining/manufacturing engineering (organizationally). Otherwise its too easy to get sucked too far into the vortex of one vs. the other. They’ve even mentioned in the past no one wants to work on fixing bugs in one of the dev blog videos, but people work on that then move into developing new content again. I guess tuning/fixing up the existing game systems to make a product your customers enjoy is too basic/boring of a task, and everyone in the dev team wants to work on the sexy new ground up work… Sadly there’s so much bang for the buck (developer hours) that could be attained from working on the little things.

If there were ongoing balance tweaks on a regular basis, I think the community would cut the Devs a lot more slack…compared to us all sitting here whining as the game becomes stale for months on end.

End of the day it comes down to priorities like others said, and they’re just doing a piss poor job of picking and choosing where to spend their limited developer’s hours…

Like i said in discord, sure, all this technical stuff, servers, hosts, infrastructure, code, backend and yayada surely takes time.

BUT IT IS UNANCCEPTABLE TO TAKE TIME TO BAN BOTS i do not want to wait 1-3 months to a bot get banned while a streamer get banned in 10-30 minutes of mass report FOR BOTTING AT THAT. And their response as always?? “we dont have mass report function” yeah right…


They should really change the name of this series from “forged in aeternum” to “people with jobs making forum posters look ridiculous”.


No one is expecting everything to be produced by tomorrow. Cross server has been talked about by the devs since June or July. They have said it’s coming soon for several months, they it’s announced coming in summer 2023. People can post very polite post that’s well written with good constructive feedback or ideas, that never get addressed by moderators or devs, but someone can post A rage post by a fist time poster saying f***. Nerf muskets or I’m going to quit and a moderator responds says we’re sorry to hear you’re frustrated! I’ll pass your feedback to the team! The devs say they listen to feed back and etc yet it really doesn’t feel that way. They ask us to go spend our own personal time on ptr to test and find bugs. They make it almost impossible to test things in s timely manner or at all and when you give feedback or report bugs, some game breaking it never gets fixed till weeks after launch and the game suffers because of it. The devs priorities on drawing in players to the game rather than trying to keep the players that play it currently. The list is long of why player frustration is so high and eventually people just be blunt.

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The problem is not that things take time. Its that AGS is wasting the time they spend on developing things that no one will care about or see. How many people can tell me what the new knight faction is called, where they are located and what colors they are (without looking it up). How many people have explored all of Brimstone Sands and do so daily or weekly. AGS keeps investing in one off things that people will go “Wow thats pretty” and never look at it again. Did we really need to revamp cities? They are focused on the aesthetic over the function of the game and its starting to show. How many more skins and town makeovers til we get a drop of PvP content or harder PvE content. Invasions havent been touched in how long?


Problem is prioritizing stupid updates nobody asked for instead of ensuring the game is in a playable state and never actually prioritizing ever the things that would make it playable. Even now whatever is needed to make the game run smooth is on the back burner behind some dumb mutated dungeon or whatever nontent theyre working on. I dont specify an example because the list of problems is so long its not worth addressing and its already been addressed 100s if not thousands of times for a 6-12months minimum.

It all comes down to piss poor leadership which has never improved, not once has it changed and this game doesnt deserve anymore chances until leadership is changed.


The virtue to which I most strongly aspire. However, I believe that in the current zeitgeist, it’s very difficult to cultivate and it requires considerable effort to do so. Practicing meditation helped cultivate mine considerably.

to build on this lol… how many updates to fix bugs AGS created themselves…? too many. Fresh start was a tragic reach at marketing and “content” when they only revamped levels 1-25 or whatever the case was… They’re just doing everything but meaningful repeatable content to keep the playerbase actually engaged lol

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