Everyone on nysa Will have 30day cd!

Pls fix it Why are We getting transfer cd just cuz ags merged servers???


They’ve already acknowledged the issue and said they will have a fix within 48 hours.

This has been resolved and all impacted users should no longer have a cooldown. Thank you for your patience!

infact there is still a bug with transfers, pls fix transfer fails and the token is gone. which is basically AGS scamming us

Oh i had the same thing happen to me. My transfer went off CD about 12 hours after the update to the CD, game acknowledges me buying a transfer token and tried to transfer me. Then that error msg pops up. 12-16 hours later 25 day cd pops up and i wasted money on a token. Its been 4 days since i opened me ticket and i srill havnt heard a response from the Dev it was assigned to. I have a token in my store inventory and cant even use it bc apparently I had the cd the entire time but didn’t know it till a day later.

And your token isnt gone, since you didnt use it you have to wait a couple days for it to appear…

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