Everything that isn’t my build is op

People are able to see my build and make another hood that can counter it and that’s not fair. I should e able to play my build and kill everyone every time… like if I’m light armor musket bow why should a heavy armor ga/wh beat me in close combat. Or when I put in my medium armor and try to rush s musket 200 yards away why does he beat me.

I hate that I can’t spend 20k on a half hour learning a build then fight someone with 3000 hours on the same build and win. It’s just none sense. I think anything that beats me needs to be nurfed into the ground until I can beat it. Please AGS help me


WTF did i just read?:smiley:


Reality for so many in this forum. :laughing:


I had fun reading this. :slight_smile:

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Very good one! :+1:

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AGS help this cat

Plz nerf AGS

You just need to copy what the winners are doing and force them to teach you how to stop them.

Very nice satire!

Legit, the forums summed up.

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GS/Hatchet or Musket player ?

@trooper8807 plays a forum warrior at the elite level.

You lose to heavy armor players as a light musket?

This is seriously everyone on this forum. And mages.

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Lol this was my drunken self imitating everyone on these forums. I do not play musket,