Evil Ori Campers

This so Frelled up lol. I cant even begin to understand the mindset of people that get there kicks from doing these kinds of things.

@BRGF There’s another MMO that found a solution to the problem of harvesting bots by actually making the nodes in the zones harvestable by everyone.

They reset after a longer time period ie. 4-12 hours for each individual player the same as elite chests reset after a period of time. This way the players who are able to follow and established route for resources are guaranteed to be rewarded and the bots won’t be able to harvest enough to make a profit against the real players.

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@BRGF for the life of my I can’t figure out why you ask the the most offensive and numbskulled question! Seriously what do you think a good suggestion would be? Perhaps the only common sense thing of not allowing tents to be placed over nodes? Did that not even pop into your head before you laid down that line of text??? And YES you need more freaking nodes. Having 40 to 50ish orichalcum nodes in the open world on a server that can have 2000 people if freaking moronic!

Having an extreme cooldown like you suggest does nothing to address the problem! You people need to get a grip and starting using even the most minor of critical thinking before spewing out this idiotic idea of stupidly long cooldowns!

And the bot problem could be 100% erased if they’d enforce their TOS and remove accounts of anyone who purchases gold via RMT sites.

And remove the companies that are RMTing money by owning EF and WW and other territories. It’s also know that some companies run their own bots. Stop companies from getting ridiculous amount of wealth by simply owning territories and a lot of these issues will fix themselves.

Incorrect. The people who make the bot scripts would adapt as they always do. The only way they erase the bot problem is by removing accounts of people who purchase gold via external sites (RMT). Their TOS expressly forbids this. They need to get off their dead asses and enforce it.

I agree, if you can identify someone who bought gold then they should be perminently banned from all amazon services including prime and amazon shopping.

Personally i think thats a losing war ive never seen bots combated effectively.

The closest thing ive seen is legalizing it by using something like wow tokens.

It’s not incorrect at all but sure there would still be boting.

You have no issue with top companies RMTing their territory income though? Even the territory owners that aren’t selling their coin to gold sellers still directly contribute to gold buying. How? Because they drive up all the prices on the TP.

AGS needs to figure out how to adequately compensate territory owners without allowing them to collect hundreds of thousands a week for their own personal use.

You realize that territory taxes paid by players is less than what the owners collect? AGS is basically adding gold into the game and giving it to the territory owners every week when we pay taxes. This has to change and it will alleviate some of the boting and probably less players will want to purchase gold. And I do agree with you, ban the gold buyers.

easy remove territory coffer controls.

remove all or nothing decking, provide slots to each company that participated, number of % = to the amount of work.

defending retains the slots from the previous war. and those that are on the seats need to be on and sign in or slots get deferred to the next in line (same with offense if they dont show up)

winning gives you a % of whatever the city is making split to the companies per seat numbers.

all upgrades and buffs could be automatically set by town boards or give it to the highest seat and keep that simple.

  1. good enough reward that can be controlled to meter gold
  2. gold actually get sinked instead of transfered back
  3. more and smaller companies can get a more significant income vs right now where they get nothing so cant properly grow or catch up
  4. seats are no longer controlled by the top 1% yal have to play together or politics those slots but its a choice between people
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I actually thought of another possible solution. I’m not a huge fan of tying non PvP rewards to PvE styles of things, like our current flag for 10% bonus which really encourages people to flag only for PvE related benefits, BUT it could work for instanced resource nodes.

Maybe keep nodes the way they are for people that are not flagged, BUT if you flag and go and farm then all nodes will be instanced. This would actually encourage some open world PvP as the people looking for PvP would have some solid spots to camp and wait for people that are coming to farm their high level ingredients.

Honestly, the best solutions is simple: Make nodes instanced (at least Ori nodes) and add more nodes, but this is another way you could think of handling it as well.

Let’s take a step back and remember Asmongold’s quote: “This game is perfect at wasting our time.”

And the game made SEVERAL QOL improvements that makes us less lose our time. But gathering resources should be enough of a challenge without having to compete for nodes as well.

My solution would be:

1- Drastically reduce the number of nodes, by 10 (or more) times. Keyword: Drastically.

2- Make the nodes like normal chests, with their own respawn when picked.

3- Make each node gatherable only twice per day.

4- Make nodes respawn within 50 meters of a spot, not always on the same exact spot.

I do not believe making the current gatherable nodes, of any material, “instanced” like a chest would work. It would destroy the economy and gathering wouldn’t be a challenge anymore.

To remain a challenge, for the farmers, grinders, it has to be on the time it takes to gather materials, having less nodes, we would go around the map all the time, and encounter stuff like Rafflebones and no-use roadside encounters.

We would still need to spend hours to gather thousands of materials, that’s time-gating enough for itself. Having to sit on a few nodes too, makes this form of gating even worst.

It would make bots useless, or require some heavy programming to have to move around the map and have a lot of difficulty to find the nodes.

I believe these modifications would fix a lot of things.

You have to design a way for the same number of ores spawn at different points on the map. It should be expected for people to camp something that’s always gonna respawn on a timer to the same spot. If you move it around every update/patch might shake things up a bit and actually make people EXPLORE your world not just que up for opr and wait for a node to respawn. Should be the same for all tier5 resources except iron hide of course.


I’ve actually changed my position on this. I say put a camp on every single Ori on every map in every server. If bots and greedy people are going to prevent me from ever being able to mine any, then nobody should be able to mine any.

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I’ve advocated countless times for the complete removal of companies ability to withdraw tax revenue. I’ve also advocated for the complete removal of the tax system that directly takes everyone elses gold and hands it to small groups of unemployed sweats for the sole purpose of RMT’ing piles of gold. Your response here was majorly misplaced.

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I have the solution CAP ALL players at 1k ori per day. On my server there are 2 players that sit there all day every day and will do whatever they can you make sure you do not get the orichalcum! You guys must think of the working class that cannot sit on the orichalcum all day every day. I have had 5 of my friends leave this game because of the greed and the fact they cannot get any orichalcum. Please CAP the ori… i can 100% guarantee that adding more will only add morr campers that will not help one bit

More and more, Private Worlds is the best solution that solves this and other situations.
“Massively Multiplayer” is completely overrated. Private Worlds means choosing Quality players over quantity. Because clearly, when you have enough quantity, there will be enough rubbish players intent on ruining the experience for everyone else.

Just make materials/gold for purchase on the in-game store for less than what the bots are charging. The folks that have been buying from them since day 1 will now buy from AGS and the bots will be run out of business. Only thing that changes the experience of gameplay is there would be no more bots.

The easy solution would be to have resources like ore and motes work like chests, so they are character bound, not map bound. The resource should ALWAYS occupy space, so a tent cannot be placed over it.

In the meantime, because tents block ore spawn, this mechanic is getting exploited. More active community management would be nice in general, and not giving perma-bans, but warnings and temp-bans that such exploits are not permitted.

Outside of this, I always welcome new ways to get rare or popular resources like motes and orichalcum. The blunderbuss salvage to ori ingots was appreciated, so more opportunities to get the resources beyond competitive gathering would be great as well.

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