EXACT DAY + NIGHT TIMES (Never miss Khepri/Scorpion again). Hope this helps!

Made this to show EXACT times of Days + Nights in New World. This is for Orofena (NA East), unsure if that may impact the “exact” times, but the same methodology goes for all servers, so just adjust the numbers accordingly if needed.

I hope this makes your life easier - that’s my goal.


Curious if these are close to your server’s times as well. Thanks!

Dont forget they change anytime they update the game (Server restarts).

Maybe an IN-GAME clock would help? Sheesh!


Honestly this would make a great add-on, but at the same time it would go soooo fast due to how fast day/nights are in-game!

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Can we get a dev to comment on this!

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In game clock would be nice QoL.


Amen, I agree


If only it would actually spawn when morning comes. Right now it doesnt seem to want to appear at all.

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It usually spawns RIGHT when morning happens here

Did it today? Im thinking restarts throw its spawns off a bit. That or its just broken after last update. Stood there 2 times 30 minutes today, no luck.

well, in my server, ppl usually shout out when scorp respawn…sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Sadly not everyone is as caring xD

In game clock is needed because of thissss

bumping if helpful


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Good job Savvvvvvooooooo

Thanks sugar muffin

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There is an in-game clock.

Press esc and look at the top right