Example of Botting

The below video highlights a Bot. This specific Bot does the same route(as witnessed by me and several other players) and proceeds to the nearest Trade Post to sell. However, this Bot isn’t harvesting any resources. It looks like the Bot is set to harvest, however, it doesn’t.

Could this be an active Bot that is in New World to act as an “Active Player”? Who knows.
On my Server, there has been plenty and as a group, are trying to report as many as possible.

It’s worth noting that this specific Bot, when finishing their sell at the Trade Post, it “right clicks twice” and then goes on it’s route. So if you see suspicious behaviour, look out for odd things like that.


maybe its axe is broken/in disrepair?

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What’s his Weapon got to do with anything? Myself and others followed the same Bot for over 2 hours doing the same route.

Please don’t come up with an excuse. It’s a Bot set on a specific route to do a specific job.

That’s it.

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Yes, I am saying its axe is broken, which is the tool for chopping down trees, not the hatchet or great axe weapons. So when it tries to chop those trees, it fails & moves on to the next node. Just the only logical reason the bot would be going to all those trees & yet not hitting them with an axe between its routes to the post to sell them to the people buying green wood I guess.

It likely has nothing to do with making it look like an active player. It is some gold dealer bot or some random player who is too dumb to repair the tool in a timely manner.


Yeah I’m sorry. I misread what you meant.

100% agree with you. They obviously forgot to add “Repair Tool” in the script.

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man they can even make it repair tools? ffs. The amount of bots is at least a sign that the game is popular & profitable - that is a good thing, regardless how terrible it can be when it is a bot in an ore place or oil place, the more rare stuff. I do not mind another player popping a node before I get to it. When I am competing with a bot it is annoying as all hell.

I understand why they probably do not ban every reported bot quickly; they want to track the operation & carpet bomb them all & the players & dealers doing it at the same time. At least that would make sense. RICO in video games lol.

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100% agree.

What’s actually worrying is I was talking to a couple guys the other day (i won’t mention their names). They told me they farm specifically for a company for 18 hours a day and get paid for it (really well).

So it seems like there’s alotta people out there looking for ways to invest/earn cash while playing New World lol

Why can’t life be simple? :):slight_smile:

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Indeed. I made a friend recently who later admitted he runs a bot on his account to do things for his personal character I’m like “eh, not worth the risk to me man”.

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This is getting out of hand I posted in another thread about Knights of Truth company on Sanor harbouring farming bots and the leader recruiting players to make them look legit. I reported the bot and told the company leader and no action has yet been taken.

This morning I came across another Bot from that same company doing the same crap. Checking all nodes including empty nodes and even trying to farm them. It is so obvious!

I posted in global about finding another and someone from the company got in touch saying he was recruited out of the blue yesterday and that because of what I said he immediately left that company.

What the heck are Amazon doing about this ? because its getting as mad as cheap Korean MMO where bots become the main playerbase. Reminds me of Silk Road online where the just did random BS ban waves claiming to removing bots but the game just became more and more infested with them.

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Like many companies, AGS are on their Festive Holidays. So once they are fully returned, I’m sure they’ll start to dig deep into the problem and come up with some solutions.

I think the best thing is Reporting in-game and also recording footage/screenshots if possible.

It’s just another thing to delay other projects which they should be focussing on.

We’ll get there :slight_smile: <3

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#FixNewWorld .

Hi @Willard

Thanks for your response.

I’ll create a Ticket and upload my evidence of the player.

I have since gathered more evidence that the Bots Parameters can be changed. The video below shows that the Bot can now correctly harvest, mine Stone and Log Wood.

Thanks again for your response. I and the community appreciate it alot.

Thank you.

P.S: It’s Aeternum! <3

Been reporting bots for months and they are still in game : Lots of Bots tonight

Screw the bot. I want to know where you got that fit

Literally just stole content, disabled comments, reposted a video providing no additional information but emphasizes the simplistic bot behaviors. :thinking:

What? @Makano

In what way have I stole content? How have I reposted a video providing no additional information?

First off. I don’t post Youtube Videos apart from the odd FPS check. You can view my videos if you like.

Second. The 2 videos which I have posted are mine. Recorded through OBS Locally.

Not sure what more information the New World Devs need. The Character I was following was clearly using a Script.

Thanks for your comment though. Seen your name alot on this Forum. I wonder why.


It’s the Beasthunter full outfit.

It’s then dyed with 2 colours :slight_smile: Looks nice at night.


I’ve flagged your post for saying “I stole content”. Pretty immature comment and doesn’t achieve anything.

Lets focus on the real problem shall we? Bots. And how to solve the issue.

Don’t come onto a public forum trying to make yourself look good. That’s just disrespectful.

“Disabled comments”. I have every right to disable comments. Don’t try and demoralise someone over what they do.

Thanks again. Enjoy your week :+1:

The apathy AGS shows for bots who are generally the gold sellers is ridiculous. Might as well quit crafting/playing until it is fixed.