Excessive Ping to Servers

Hello, I am seeing if anyone else is sharing this problem or if it is just on my end. I preordered the game and played the closed beta with absolutely no connection issues or any other major problems, however when I installed the full release today I cannot seem to get any ping below 300ms. It is only in New World that I have this problem and I have tried all the suggested fixes. Because it is only this game I am inclined to believe it may be the sheer overload of people or maybe the servers are different than in the closed beta in some way. I’ve tried a bunch of my own fixes as well like checking my firewall and other stuff but absolutely nothing seems to work. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears, I just really want to play the game!

I had a problem with stuttering of my char and the game completely drained my internet. found out it was my pc’s own software’s network boost option that was at fault (Lenovo Vantage in my case) turning that off fixed it for me. So if you have a network boost option on your pc, try turning it off. Hope this helps

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