Excited for July!

I am super excited for the July release (Assuming July) and really am loving most of the changes that are in the first iteration of the PTR notes.

Want to say thanks to the Devs for continuing to improve and add on to this wonderful game even with all the negativity! Specially without a subscription fee :wink:

Seriously keep up the awesome work and know there are alot of players out there who are excited!


Well said, pleased to see at least a few scattered positive posts among the masses of people screaming:



While I cannot confirm or deny an exact release date for the content, I’m happy you’re excited for the content!

Have you tried anything out on the PTR yet? :thinking:


Not yet was waiting for Friday to roll around so i have time to play the PTR.

Always easier to test things when a :beer: is in hand.

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Have you tried the PTR yet?

The music trade skill is actually quite fun. Kinda wish their was a super hard mode though.

Glad you had fun trying out the music skill!