Expansion Idea: Rebuilding the Obelisks

TLDR; We rebuild the broken obelisk ring and complete the plans of the Ancients. A new power source is harnessed to fight corruption and improve the lives of people stranded on Aeturnum.

Lore suggests there was once a working security system that links the ring of obelisks in the Everfall and Windsward territories, which was powered by the now shattered obelisk in the center of the ring. The purpose of the azoth-powered system is unclear, perhaps it was created to destroy the forces of corruption invading Aeturnum.

Fast forward: current inhabitants of Aeturnum have begun to understand how the obelisk system works and have the ability to rebuild it. Utilizing all the known tradeskills to provide building materials and technology, each obelisk is slowly upgraded to its working state, with the final and most difficult task being the central shattered obelisk.

While construction is underway corruption is actively trying to destroy the progress made, and it is up to the people of Aeturnum to fight back and keep making progress. Their efforts are rewarded while rebuilding the obelisks and fighting corruption.

After each obelisk of the ring is rebuilt it provides a unique daily gift (buff, repair, azoth, ?) to anyone using the Azoth Staff. Once the central obelisk is rebuilt- a task that could take a very long time, requiring work from the outside and expeditions from the inside- the power source starts to flow again, lighting up the ring. The true purpose of the obelisks is soon discovered and the benefits or repercussions are felt throughout the island.

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