Expansion (patch)

Is the expansion patch really 38.2 Gigs ? Feels like I’m downloading the base game again,… I hope everything is correct.

Nice that they added so much but damn this is going to hurt once again for me with my internet.

I really wish they had a “download while playing” feature as they have in WoW and some other games, these big patches are good but an annoying time to download on my end…

I want to know this as well. Because i want to know if we should delete the base game and re-download

Yes. This isn’t so much a “patch” but a rework of the game. Just DL it, and when servers are up. Play. Takes a lot of space when you rework an entire game.

Im not gonna suggest anything, however i delete the game and reinstall it, and 1h before launch i will do repair, its helped me a lot on a prev. patches

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