Expedition and PvP Tanking Feedback

I’ve been playing as the tank role since around level 20 and noticed some things that would making the role more enjoyable in instanced based content.

  • Softer Collision with both team mates and enemy mobs
    The existing collision physics make position my character and the mobs sometimes frustrating in larger trash pack pulls where the mobs are constantly pushing me back eventually into some sort of wall or corner making impossible to evade attacks. Same goes for team mates, recently in the Depths dungeon It was annoying to have melee dps players block my route when specifically trying to dodge Captain Thorpes lazer mechanic.

  • Taunt / Threat Protection
    Some sort of hard focus for mobs on the tank after taunting would also be nice. It often seems that after taunting the mobs don’t react to me at all and team mates continue to tip aggro off of me. Can be very frustrating considering the taunt are already on a long cooldown and makes controlling mobs harder than it needs to be.

Post any more tank related feedback below :smiley:

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As a tank I definitely agree that being pushed around by collision of bosses in particular and mobs in general is super annoying. This is further compounded by the need to Stand In Good Things and Stay Out Of Bad Things mechanics prevalent in the game.

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