Expedition Key solutions and improvements

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basic dungeons should not need a key, right now u need 320 slithers for one lazarus orb
Here is my suggestion, remove orbs for the basic dungeons and make them a daily dungeon, they can still be done multiple times a day but each time they are done you get diminishing returns on them for example 10% reduced rewards each run. This means u can still help people who need to do the dungeon but you wont be getting as much in return

The orbs should be kept the same but have a different purpose. Mythic or hard dungeons. This means that you would still have to grind those 320 slithers to get that orb but the rewards are considerably higher.
I would also add an option to change that dungeon into a timed dungeon, 30min time limit with even higher rewards not to mention bragging rights for completing it the fastest.
IMO this is the best way to fix the dungeon runs problem, if the orbs give too much then have them also give diminishing returns but maybe like 5% instead 10% reduction per run.

Reply to this, I want this to get noticed by the devs been posting about this for atleast 2 weeks now and not one response. I just want their opinion on this dont give a damn if its implemented or not

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