Expedition Loot System and Trading

Hello Ladys and Gentleman.

In my 144 Hours of Playtime, i have done my fair share of Dungeons Run’s (Expedition’s) and so far two things are really bothering me.

  1. The ammount of Items that are Bind on Pickup, i get it that you made this to prevent people from stuff like Real Money Trading, which essentially is “Item for $”. But it ruins the whole Group interaction, for example, right now i’m playing a mage and i have gotten multiple Items that my Party Member are locking for, like Heal Equipment or Tanking equipment, but i can’t trade it to them as it’s instantly Bound to me.
    Why isn’t there a System in place, that let’s me trade these Items with my Party? I mean sure keep them Bind on Pickup but add a “System” that alows me to trade with my party for like 1 Hour or so.

  2. Trading inside the Dungeon, i don’t get why it is disabled, i can’t even trade my Party Member a quick Mana Potion or Health Potion. Just had it happen yesterday where my Healer an out of Mana Potions on the last Boss, we still completed the Run non the less, but it could surely have been in 2-3 try’s less, if i could just have given him some.

As i said i get the idea behind stuff like this, as i mentioned Real Money Trading, but hurting the entire Community for something that a small percentage of players would do doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me.


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