Expedition mutation

So now we have a pointless leaderboard for mutation and everyone wants to speed run or hit top score. Let’s talk about how the same people who wants to do this, yet run through and get everyone killed. Why not create two option, one for classic mutation, where people who wants to chill can just run their expedition and get the shards and loot they want and not have to deal with leaderboard. On the other hand, have the option for so-called leaderboard lobbies, so they can screw up as much as they want and all the other people won’t get penalize for not getting a gold run. Side note, the same people who expect these runs are sometimes, not always, the ones who leave the expedition. Let’s create a penalty system, whereas, if more people report so-and-so player for being afk and leaving the expedition and making the whole lobby waste a mutation, they get penalize and cannot do a certain mutation until they get their score back up. If OPR has a system like this, I believe expeditions should have it too. No one wants to join a mid-way silver, possible bronze, run unless they’re a friend or in the same company. There might be some stragglers out there, but very few.

For instance, last week for Laz, a DPS created a M10 lobby with 4 DPS and 1 Healer. Lobby creator left and 2 other DPS left. Healer and I stayed behind while I recruited someone from my friend’s list as tank, and picked up two people from Recruitment chat.

Another instance was today, 2 M10 Tempest lobby, back to back, healer created group, one DPS went afk, healer didnt heal, tank died, other dps died, i came in to revive both of them. Dps that was afk left the group. Healer logged out. Second case, tank created group, wanted a fast run, grabs all the mob to first portal, died instantly. Team wipe due to mob aggroing everyone separately and healer can’t heal. Tank just leaves expedition through the front door. A DPS left with him. 3 man left and that was the end of the expedition.

We need to penalize some of these people for wasting mutation tries, since you’re only limiting 25 a week. That is shards we cannot get back and loot that was robbed from us because of one person. Create a penalty system and have some way to verify it to find if they’re consistently doing it, then they cannot join higher mutations until they get that score back up. I’m tired of some of these people who just leave, and it’s not due to bad connection. Or at least add a blacklist. Currently, I block people like that to ensure whenever I see someone block in the same lobby, I leave immediately, so that I don’t have to deal with the same situation again. Find us a better solution for this than a leaderboard for cosmetics.

Na it’s not nearly toxic enough yet, they still need to add a damage meter so people can be called out, and ridiculed, then blacklisted. :smirk:

I love how instead of trying to improve yourself you just worry about getting called out :joy::joy: says a lot about you

I never understand who is angry at the leaderboard because of problems with getting a group.

You have the option to create the lobby and let anyone in. You have the option to create the lobby and ask to at least link the set. You also have the option of looking at who is doing well on the server’s leaderboard and forming a group only with those interested in speedruns and points.

But if you’re the person who wants to enter a lobby where everyone else is interested in playing for the leaderboard but wants to play with a build, set or GS that doesn’t match the requirements of the others, you’re wrong.

About people who leave during DG and spend the entry of those interested in the farm even if it’s bronze, I totally agree about having a penalty.

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Your posts are bad as your dps… Blacklisted. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t even make sense.

I have created lobbies with good people. Even the one i picked up the tank and recruited 2 random in recruitment i had them link and we gold the run. My mentality is, why create more group when you can fill a link lobby and make people wait for less amount of time. I don’t join unlink lobbies. If you have created lobbies before you’ll see how crappy some people bring in gear and try to do ridiculous things. I have seen someone try to go in with 3 proper ward and 2 other ward in a M10 before. People link no bane and expect a gold run. With not the proper gear, you’ll never be able to clear the expedition, even for bronze. My server have been merged into over and over, so finding a lobby has become much easier, yet more of a hassle. They should just add section when you hover over people and see what gear they are wearing that way we know who has what and who to kick prior to starting a run.

By the time ags decided to put a timer on the mutated ones, that already ruined the activity.
and, furthermore, time is worth more score than everything else.
what is gained? one less end game activity to do. (luckily there is a lot, a lot of content to do) (sarcasm)