Expedition One title

How to I get it? I pre-ordered and have the other items, but my title just says “uninitialized”. Any thing I’m missing


So i dont make another thread, i am having the very same trouble?

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I`ve seen ppl running around flashing that title though

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I am curious to know how it is obtained having booked the delux version a year and a half ago (April 2020)


It’s obtained by pre-ordering the game.

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I pre- ordered it, it is just not appearing :frowning:


Pure io l’ho prenotato ma non me lo fa vedere

“I also booked it but he doesn’t show it to me”

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same here. deluxe and no title. but i have all the other items!

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any answers?

Go to the bio tab and there will be an option to change your title.

Relogging fixed it for me

I too am Xamota the Uninitialized! It’s just a bug, some times my titles show up and some time the titles and achievements all show up as uninitialized. Report it as a bug and they’ll get to it.

What’s SUPPOSED to happen is that on your Character > Bio tab, it should say No Title, with a button below that that reads, “Change”.

What’s ACTUALLY happening for some people is that they see “unitialized”. That’s a bug. As somebody mentioned, relogging can help, but it’s a dice roll.



Yeah this has been a bug since early beta. Can’t remember it from alpha. Nonetheless, it’s there. But uninitialized is always how the achievements load. It’s hit or miss. It either loads or doesn’t. It’s absurd but like post above me said, you should be able to set it when you see it not say uninitialized. We all have this issue.

Set it once when you see it and you’ll be good until you remove it. Took me 2 days to be able to set my Aeternum Discoverer title from Alpha cause of this.

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