Expedition Tuning Orb Removal vs 25 Limit?

In this update, we’ve removed Expedition Turning Orbs and replaced them with daily limits for Normal and Weekly mutated expedition runs to make all expeditions easier to access. This new system features:

  • 15 Normal Expedition Runs per player per day or 105 per week, per player.
  • 25 Mutated Expedition Runs per week.

Please explain 25 free VS limit, some player wanna do more with own orb.

Crafting / buying orb brought alot of activities in game.
below activities will be dead without ORB.

60lvl Player do Faction quest, stone cutting, selling orb, Corruption portal, spending faction token, 99% won’t do if no need orb and LIMIT entry.

let player decide use free entry vs orb to get better drop

This is a great decision to make this game not populated again vs scripted bots.

It’s been thoroughly explained, including their reason for doing it, in threads you’ve been a part of. I know you know all of this because it was discussed multiples in a thread you started just 2 days ago.

Most of SEA player gets 200-300ms ping cant give good feedback either

I dont think player will play 25 mutation per week in PTR

Isnt it funny limiting mutation 25per wk but 15 normal dungeon per day, wondering 95% of player do normal dungeon per day? I do normal 1 per week Even 625 gs max will do maybe 5 normal per day

you dont have to limit just make free,
free 2-3 per day then require orb if wanna do more

Making FREE means devaluating things

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