Expeditions x-play and removing daily/weekly limit

As title says + an Expeditions tab would be nice that showed all the expeditions, reg/mut lobbies, can filter by: role, gs, etc

I seem to run into the same issue with New world every time I get back into the game. I no-life the game to 60. Then I spam Gen till 600GS. Then once im “ready” for muts there is always 0 lobbies. I’ll try to host but no one joins despite spamming ads in recruitment either. I choose only the most populated servers. Recently I was on Olympus same thing. Now on Devourer and back to where I was.

P.S. OPR is pretty much the same no lobbies but I heard somewhere that may be getting x-play “soon”. Not sure if that is official.

IK this has all been said b4/posts have already been made but when it makes u want to quit then well maybe making 1 more post about it will make the devs think idk. If i cant play dungeons or pvp im not sure what u expect me to do. Im definitely not gonna go pick some weeds or some craftin

P.S.S. Not even sure y there is a limit. The better players get to m10 as quick as they’d like and then no one will go back down to a lower mutation because it uses a weekly “token”. So the lower mut lobbies just die. That + no x-play makes it basically impossible to find a lobby or even create one.

Even if u do manage to fill a lobby its just inexperienced players who likely dont have the gear or wrong weapons aka like a Fire staff in a Gen fire Mut. U can see that b4 they join but sometimes mistakes happen. When i was new to muts i didnt know so i accepted 2 ppl with fire staffs and the run died b4 the first boss. Token wasted. Even more punishing for new players. I learned that weeks ago but still just an example of how a “token” can get wasted.

Most MMo’s limit rewards from this type of content, GW2 Daily fractals for example after completion the rewards are extremely low and not worth doing a fractal for. Raids in gw2 can be done once a week…

25 mutes a week is very generous when you look at it like that.

Maybe tweek how rewards are given perhaps, so you don’t need to limit how often you can run an instance. But there will always be some type of reward wall, and there needs to be tbo.

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