Experiencing lag in wars

My company just lost a territory because of lag. Every time we fight one company in particular we come across lag issues. The enemy strategy is just to crowd the point so that the lag is so bad nobody can use spells. Is this a legitimate strategy? or abuse? we have no problem wiping them when the lag is not present but 7k+ping on the point for everyone inside the point is impossible to play. uggghhh well had to vent it hurts ouch

Thats legitimate strategy.
I suggest you to give gold to some1 in guild and preorder LA. Better sooner than latter, im 100% that you will leave the game in next month or so like we all did. So donr wait, we gave them enought time, just leave game but stay on forums until LA come online, we need to work together so every little soul who is missguided with this game hear our voice and go play something else.

Hi, PostMalone. Welcome to the community! The devs have said that this month they are focusing solely on fixing bugs and balance to ensure players have a smooth gaming experience.

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