Expertise and feel of the game

The game feels like a tedious grind now compared to launch and also feels like it has very little reward until expertise and/or crafting are maxed. Without either maxed, earning potential in the game is relatively low and there is little to be looked forward to.

My preference for shifting expertise would be to simply change it so that the drop MINIMUM went up with expertise but the drop max varied based on mob/chest level. That way when I run a dungeon or take on content, I actually have a chance (even if small) to loot something good.

In addition, I would like anything that I loot or craft to be usable at its listed gear score. To compensate simply let the market / trades be governed by expertise limits. With this change mid-tier items on the market would increase in value and the game would feel more rewarding for those of us not at max gear score.

At present, I do not have the heart to continue grinding gear score simply to be able to play the game. The investment of time is simply not worth the pay off when I experienced the game without these mechanics in place at launch.

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