Expertise governs gearscore... Really?

Most people who play MMOs or RPGs enjoy progression.
We like to tick boxes. Achievement unlocked? Yes please. I want all of them.

You finally adressed the harvesting bug and rewarded everyone who lost their gear with high gearscore harvesting equipment.
I just got 600GS harvesting gear, and for a little while it felt like you really did compensate us for taking away all our harvesting gear.
Boxes were ticked! Nice!

Then an hour passes and I read what you intend to do.
Your next “MAJOR IMPROVEMENT” as you call it.
Now “Expertise” will govern gearscore effectiveness.

Well. I didn’t grind to 600 watermark because, let’s be honest, it’s not a whole lot of fun to do, just farming those bosses and running daily elite chests.
I didn’t want to do that, so I’ve only gotten to around 530 watermark.

Luckily there were options for me.
I could play the game how I wanted to, and just buy or craft 600 gearscore items.
Now all that gear I have is being nerfed to the ground.
Why on earth would I buy, farm or craft any items that have a higher gearscore than my expertise any more?
What am I to do with the gear I have?
What about the time I spent getting my armoring up to 200?

You introduce the gypsum system as a “major improvement”.

I’ll give you this: It’s improving TWO THINGS.
1: watermark/expertise is no longer random. You can target what equipment you want to improve the gearscore of.
2: There are more methods to farm it.
These are good changes. More options for people.

So, maybe it’s better? Well, I doubt it.
You can only farm enough gypsum to make a SINGLE gypsum orb every 24 hours.
How many orbs do you need to make a single cast?
Nobody knows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed more than 1, and perhaps some filler material like 500 motes of each kind. Who knows.

How much does the expertise increase from one cast?
Nobody knows, but my guess is it’s 1-5 maximum.
So if it’s 5 expertise per gypsum, increasing a single gearslot from 500-600 would take 20 days.
I have 20 gear slots (12 weapons, 5 armorslots, 3 trinkets)
20*20 = 400 days.

Maybe it’s 10 expertise per gypsum cast?
200 days.

And this just to GET BACK to what gearscore I ALREADY HAD?!
Come on.

Here’s some simple recommendations:
Don’t nerf chest drops or mob drops. Let your gypsum system prove itself.
If it’s such a “major improvement”, you shouldn’t need to nerf the existing methods.
The feedback you’ve received was specifically “grinding watermark is boring and repetitive”
You introduced new methods. Good.
Don’t take away existing methods. That is only needed if your “major improvement” isn’t an improvement at all.

Don’t let expertise govern gearscore effectiveness for items up to 600 gearscore.
This just takes away from what people already have achieved.
Don’t untick my boxes. Don’t lock my achievements.
Instead: introduce new content, with higher level mobs, and higher level gearscore. 601+ gearscore could be governed by expertise level.
That way you aren’t unticking my boxes.

You know why people grind their watermark to 600 already?
One reason is because they can sell that stuff on the marketplace to people like me, who don’t like to grind watermark.
Other reasons?
I can’t think of any other reasons. Maybe there are, but I honestly don’t know why anyone would bother getting their expertise up.
Not like there’s a dungeon you can’t do unless you’re at a certain gearscore level.
There’s no new content unlocked by having a high watermark/expertise.

So why would I bother?


People seem to be missing this part. It not only screws the crafters who spent time leveling but also the HWM grinders like me who chose to WM instead of craft to make my money. There’s a lot of “crafters” complaining because the game originally had a choice of how to play and I agree with them, but I am not a “crafter”. These changes just screw everyone.

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Dont cry, before we understand the system… Wait for the PTR - GEEZ!
You dont know exaclty, how the cooldown will work.

This guy is kinda onto something though. Mostly the part where expertise shouldn’t be governed by watermark and instead should be a way to push past 600gs after you reach the 600gs watermark on an item

Imagine spending all ur time ingame dedicated to crafting the best weapons and armorsr for urself, then having it tuned down until you grind mobs for 2 months… Really strange how such things can go through, this must be some out of season april fools joke… Nobody in their right mind can think that this is good for the game.

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Hold your beer, because if it really ressets HWM and it also forces you to grind it because “Expertise will govern the highest drops you can get per slot, much like HWM did. But starting in early 2022, it will also govern the effectiveness of your gear. This means if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 550 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon’s effective Gear Score will be reduced to 520” it wont matter how you aproch the game, you wont be able to progress if you don’t conceed into this once a weak system.

You finded a way to make money so you can at list buy items that work for you? well guess what you gotta do so they are ase powerfull as your are payying them to be. They aren’t screwing crafters and grinders alone. Casuals, farmers and pvpers get hit prettty hard too.

How to balance the game? Just smash everyone the same

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