Expertise & Gypsum System - Wrecks crafter & TP sales, promotes FOMO

If this was how the game launched with crafting being a larger pain, Expertise instead of HWM, better expedition loot, functional wars/invasions and the like, I think the reception of the game would probably be better for it.

I would almost say it would be better to start fresh on new servers but never would I ever want to put myself through this grind again :rofl:

That’s the big issue, not everyone puts up with this grind, and this isn’t some like 10% offset. This is significant, and ironically exacerbates the problems they have with all systems.

And the more they muck with it, the worse they make the whole situation, because you’ll have loyalists who slogged through this grind-- make it worse and they’re the new insulation, make it easier and they’ll have just spat on people who placed their loyalty with NW.

It’s just wild. It’s not like they can’t study other games’ handling of progressions and communities, but it sure seems like they refuse to do so.

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  • Each subsequent marker awards a more spectacular container with more rewards than the one before.

Wait doesn’t this just promote power leveling 1 person (or streamer?) to the extreme so that they are feeding the best possible loot from these containers?

The casual crafter will never be able to compete

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"But starting in early 2022, it will also govern the effectiveness of your gear. This means if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 550 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon’s effective Gear Score will be reduced to 520. "

This right here just made 3 people i know quit the game. They basically just said that crafting is only for rolling perks. some people only did crafted gear and are content with crafting and pvp. but now theyre going to be severly underpowered in pvp… who approves this garbage?


I can understand that. As someone who has personally spent endless hours grinding my HWM I could not blame another soul on this planet for never wanting to do that.

Now everyone gets forced to.

Also you are looking at what, 18 different slots currently that you would need to grind Expertise for.

Imagine hitting 60 and the first thing you get to do is farm 18x100 Gypsum once per day. I realize this is an extreme example as you will get Expertise elsewhere, but still that is going to be a daunting task for a new player

Anyone that can’t play at a set time every day and get groups at that time is going to fall behind, it should just be a daily reset.

Amazon from start had openly said that they wanted to make a streamer game, all previous attempts and this one have the same purpose.

Till recently i thought they really heard our feedback from alpha and beta stage of new world, but now i am starting to believe that they ignore the whole forum and ask a couple streamers how they should make the game.

This tax system doesnt exist even in Venezuela, 2k people pay 1 person so he can powerlevel proffesions and craft 500 gaxes to get his bis…

Soon we will pay tax to participate in holiday events

Because of this
“Note that we’ve tuned down the general chances of getting an Expertise bump to compensate for the guaranteed bumps that were added with Gypsum. Elite chest odds were reduced a little, but open world named enemies were reduced a lot.”

They’re giving themselves more control over the pace of player progression. Sure, you get that guaranteed 1 expertise bump per day, but grind world bosses, the only watermark farm that is currently not timegated? lolnope.

I guess OPR isn’t technically timegated, but tell that to people on lower pop servers.

opr is at best 1/30 minutes, and the watermark increase rate is low I hear.

Yeah we have similar on Topan. A few specific players are basically the server crafters and were fed resources (which isn’t a bad thing. Having a company crafter is normal in MMOs).

With the upcoming changes those crafters is going to go from Aptitude 0 to god knows what in a matter of minutes… Unless of course they time gate this as well.

Then you have the casual little guy just trying to keep up, getting less resources, having to compete for farming those resources and getting less from Aptitude because they are leveling slower than the super crafters.

Why even would anyone, who thinks PvE here is trash and is staying for PvP do that… it didnt make any sense… until NOW, but the moment these awesome life improving changes are rolled out, I am gone for sure, because like I said, if they ASAP dont merge OPR, there is little to nothing which holds type of playerr like me here…

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And universe is witness to me that I am trying liek never before to stay here

I dont even care anymore, since thats the way they want it.

I have my furnishing at 198 lvl for 2 weeks now, and i havent even bothered to get the 2 last levels.

! Furnishing trophies made obsolete because of the dupers and the pvp gathering buff, u already get stupid amounts of legendaries just with pvp buff and some gear on.

!Dungeons not only were timegated but the items werent even in the game till recently, still orbs are expensive to make.

!Tax system of the worst country in the whole universe,there is not even a single safeguard. big communities play new world like people play in private servers , with the help of the max pop server at 2k, and thats on a high pop server that is balanced between factions, now take this to low pop server too.

!Crafting proffesions achievements are between 0.1% and 1.1% worldwide and they nerf crafting xp to hell.

!Turkey event made whole servers secretive about the location of the bird in fear of losing the loot.

!Game makes me feel like the worst criminal at open world pvp, they put farmerama buff to toggle pvp and 49 of the 50 people i killed the last days they whispered me why.

Yeah it’s honestly kinda wild where things are right now

As a new player who reached level 25 in a week only playing casually, I like this change.

It seems odd that end-game early adopters are complaining about changes that don’t actually affect them. Please don’t pity the newbies, it’s patronizing. Just consider your “faster progression” a reward for putting up with the game since launch.

The fact is that things in the game were happening that wasn’t intended (low level hear being too strong) and I completely agree with that. I was soloing level 22 guys when I was level 17.

Seems like there’s always someone complaining about any decision that they make :\ they really shouldn’t have released this game so soon, but I guess they know that that’s the norm these days - they just overestimated the patience and understanding of the typical gamer I guess, lol…

Well said, i think we’re missing something, if not … well crafting will be worthless.

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I agree with you, especially with gear being too strong.

Once a few of us hit 200 crafting lv 60 we started pumping out the equipment.

Zergs brought in hundreds of pieces of gear a run. The market became saturated with just about every possible gear type you could want as a fresh level 60,

We could have you ready to go for the zerg (because that was really all anyone did) in no time

Now, you are going to be significantly weaker than those of us who hard grinded our watermark

I think these changes are healthy to the game, had they come out on launch day. Being injected into the game a few months in is going to cause a lot of growing pains. Long term though it’ll likely be for the best

Great post bro, some really good points made.

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Thank you :smiley:

I do try to be as objective as possible instead of just attacking out of emotion

the only fair implementation is to set everyones expertise to 500

if you chose a different path to get high GS and didnt exploit EXPLOIT the HWM system you are being punished

crafted your gear? fuck you
sold mats to buy gear? fuck you
had a friend pass along drops they didnt use? Fuck you
bought gold from the internet and purchased your gear on the AH? fuck you (no seriously, fuck you, youre scum)

exploited the hwm system, and dont fucking lie, you all know you didnt open every chest as the game intended, youre all good, you did it the “right way” according to the devs and get a huge power boost for at least 3 months in every aspect of the game.

if this system is good for the long term health of the game then you should be perfectly ok with them setting everyones expertise to 500 and not picking winners