Expertise - I am done with NW when this goes live

exactly. Which is why the change is stupid. What people are doing for WM is no harder than crafting. Crafting is more time consuming if you a farm your own stuff.

Isnt it kind of still pointless? or at least a waste of an orb? Yes guaranteed upgrade but if you gearscore is low its an expensive upgrade.

You play the way they want then…
More dailies for you coming soon.

No, I’m not pro-expertise change.

I mainly craft and some pvp, so i have 600 gearscore, but probably 550 HWM. I don’t currently login every day. I was just hoping they’d make changes in a positive direction soon for content, but I don’t know if I’ll play at all after these changes.

I only login every few days for the 24 hour crafts when i check on updates for NW.

  • Obsidian Gypsum – defeating level 60+ open world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmarks

BDO did this, and it is boring as well.

  • Sapphire Gypsum – defeating the final bosses of The Lazarus Instrumentality and Garden of Genesis

So this will be impossible for most people if they crafted their gear to ~600 GS and are stuck in level 510 or whatever it turns out being… you will die so fast…

  • Ruby Gypsum – found in Outpost Rush Caches

This may be one of the only ways a lot of people are going to be getting gear expertise gems

  • Emerald Gypsum – found in Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers

I will wait to see how broken this is…

  • Citrine Gypsum – found in Arena Caches

Ok. Underground Win-Trading sessions here we go?

  • Amethyst Gypsum – found in Breach Caches

No comment.

  • Topaz Gypsum – found on hostile creatures Level 55+, but only after consuming a special Attunement Potion that can be crafted at a Tier 5 Camp.

No comment.

Edit: I’m just thinking now… The original post mentioned that they knew the system promoted a monotonous task and they are revamping it… But it’s not really revamped is it?

Revamping would be re-writing how it works, not adding alternate time-gating mechanics to do the same task.

So if you have 600 GS items, that are now 510 GS items. You can’t do a lot of content efficiently, so you will end up going around doing the monotonous tasks anyway. Since at a low 510 GS, you can’t run Genesis or Lazarus. Maybe Out Post Rush will work if you get them when you lose.

This was posted about 16 hours before your post……


here we go again, WoW no please no more about WoW stop

A test run what were there populations?

US EAST has over 135 servers with less than 10% population at peak times Today.

How are they gonna merge those into what? Each server the territories are owned by factions.

Good luck with that. If this Dec update 1.2 goes before the server mergers which it will that will push back the merges at least a month because of all the exploits and bugs 1.2 will create.

I’m giving them a negative review on steam the moment this watermark system comes out

yeap imma do that too. well im done with the game anyway. if only i can get back my money from steam that would be great.


What else could it be?

This is the absolute dumbest idea ever

Everyone already hated the yawnfest that is HWM grinding so punish your players even more?

What company in their right mind does that


I did that 2 wks ago when they screwed over all the EU players because of their inability to properly round decimals

why do you need to give an extra explanation if you want to leave a game ?? asking for permission ?or you value youırself too much ??
Just leave it if you dont like it ,you already played 300 hrs and get the worth of what you paid … …

BUT as we all know as the majority of the posters here in this forum while you whine about game you will jump to it to play it the moment you find time and carry all your negativity to the general chat …

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You can upgrade your expertise just doing OPR, how is this a bad thing?


Why wait? I just submitted mine. And honestly, the messed up part about it is, I still love this game. But I can’t get this ashy ass taste out of my mouth from them burning crafters asses as badly as they are.

Read the patch notes on crafting you will love it.


New system is great. Ppl will complain about everything at this point. Only thing that matters are hard data and AGS have those.


Compiling bout endgame content and then skipping said endgame

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Bye bye :wave:t2::wave:t2:

Can confirm you do get them when you lose OPR. It costs 500 coin to refine it.