EXPERTISE: If You Buy The Best Gaming Rig, It Doesn't Make You A Good Gamer

I know New World isn’t real life - but the concept makes sense.

You should not be able to buy your way into being good at the game. This isn’t an FPS where your ability to press buttons simply gives you the edge over everyone else.

I like the idea that you have to have the acquired skill level to effectively use the gear that you’re wearing. Just because you’re carrying a shiny new rapier doesn’t make you Zorro when you hold it in your hand.

The concept makes sense for a game in beta. It’s a game changing mechanic, and devalues time spent for crafting/gathering.

If this would apply for new content or 600+, then ok. If this was in the game since release, I would not play the game for as long, since I don’t enjoy the mindless 50 people runs. Money becomes pretty much useless, and crafting also.

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What if i spend 200-300 hours farming ressources, killing 1000+ monsters, including elite and spend my time to level up my armoring to 200, without buying anything from TP, because i wanted to do this on my own and create my own armor. Meanwhile my overall WM got oncreased to 530-545 on all pieces except juwelery of course.

You wanna tell me I am not worthy of getting the full potential of the gear i crafted?

Bonus : Do you think a fresh lv 60 has enough gold to buy GS 600 armor, which is best in slot?`
Double Bonus : If you’re selling GS 550-595 items for less then 1k gold, because you pushed WM in the first month to excess with multiple hours of investment, the guy who actually buys your stuff should be punished, because he didnt farm it by themselves?

Overall i think the changes are good, if implemented before launch. Right now the expertise system is going to make some trouble. The addtional gypsum is cool, but we have to look out if the overall increase from usual activities is nerfed accordingly. Giving crafters more control about crafts is reaaally good and shows devs got some good thaughts too, but on the same note crafters get punished for not specifically farming for WM.

Pretty easy fix would ge granting specific expertise for specific craftings, balanced arround the current crafting system. Additionaly players who allready grinded armoring and juwelery and weaponsmithingh … to 200 should get some expertise increase either based on the crafting history, which may not be reachable, or a generalized value across the board.

Not that I want to devalue your time and effort, however, MMOs are always in a state of flux and rebalance. I think people need to realize that we’re only a couple months in. Now, if you think the lifespan of New World should be 90 days, so be it … but I’d like to think that it’s around for 4-5 years at the least. So if they want to make a change at this point so be it.

Then this update is great for you, giving you more and better options to upgrade your watermark,

Wait oh sorry did i just point out a possitive thing ? i forgot were only supposed to look for something negative and then hone in on that and only talk about that

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And how do you get that ‘expertise’? Using the item in question? Training quests? Reading books about the gear?

No, you get it by opening a chest and looting an item, or now crafting an gypsum orb. Yup with Christmas coming up I can’t wait to gain expertise in armor when I unwrap that sweater from grandma.

In other words, it makes less than zero sense. Using your weapon mastery would make logical sense, this random score grind gained from opening a box doesn’t in the slightest.


The problem is having it thrown in now, as opposed to being in place at launch.

For instance, instead of taking armoring to 200, I’d have gone chest hunting.

But tbh, I’d have never played NW. I came here for PvP, crafting, war, territory/faction stuff. NOT TO GRIND MOBS endlessly.

The change is deceitful. And, how do I know if, when close to finishing this ‘hoop’ that is being forced into the game, that they won’t add another? Once deceitful, usually always deceitful. I bet they are already planning a p2w cash shop.

Finally, poor analogy. Just because you can type, doesn’t mean you know how to form a proper argument. You should go work on your expertise.

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It sounds to me like you enjoyed your time playing New World. Rebalance affects everyone, not just you. I’m not stating that you’re “not worthy” - it sounds like you’re a very good ARMOR SMITH.

The guy who spent all that time learning how to craft the components of your new gaming rig (from my original example) and make sure every piece was compatible and making the absolute BEST gaming rig for you … he isn’t guaranteed to be a good gamer either.

Every MMO has a grind and with each update/expansion that grind can look different. New World added more grinding. Now you get to choose whether you want to accept it or not.

Play or walk away.

yeah but here is the thing… we already have WEAPON MASTERY!!!

so in reality… I am already a master at the great hammer… one might say its my expertise…

VERY valid point. They likely will.

As much as everyone wants this to be a PvP game, it truly isn’t ever going to shape up to scratch that itch for you. The territory control wars, the instanced PvP – that’s about it. The rest of the game will likely include even more PvE grinds and lean more towards the players that will be playing the game in a year or two and buying expansions.

Sorry. I really wish games could be all things to all people.

The 20 weapon levels I spent using the weapon makes me a master at it.

By constantly saying that crafters can only be seen as good crafters and not guaranteed to be a good gamer, are you intending that the WM-grind is splitting the good from the bad gamer?
So as i allready said, during my process of leveling my armor i killed thousands of mobs, i actually did a couple of elite/chest runs, because i needed the refining materials, so in fact i did the WM-farming activity, but only 50 hours instead of 200 hours.
The thing is, i was doing way more activities, which some of them actually needing some organisation-handling on storages, to get the best out of it. Crafting is the theme here.

So, while i did the same thing as the WM-farmers, but shorter, plus i did lots of other things, i cannot be watched as a good gamer, and i dont deserve to use the full effectiveness of my crafted items, until i spend another 50-150 hours no-braining different WM farm options?

I really just want to play OPR mainly and secondary Wars, invasions, some dungeons, occasionaly farming for crafting mats etc.
The worst thing about this is that some players who farmed WM in the first month will have huge advantages over players with WM beeing in the 500-520 area. You may think that we’re only looking at something like ~50 attribute points and ~5% value in perks, but getting the ability to spent 500 attribute points through gs 600 + bufffood is really getting a lot out of some builds.

This is a stupid ananology and only proves the point this change is bad. Buying the best gear in the game doesn’t make you the best. There are plenty if MMOs where you destroy bad players in the best gear possible because they just frankly suck.


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