Expertise Increase

Is there any way to increase expertise beyond 600 besides dungeons?

gypsum casts but its really slow.

wait till the ptr update for the casts.


Thx for reply. Whats changing?

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overall increased number of umbral shards from gypsum casts as well as OPR giving umbrals on win and loses.

unless you are in a rush you might as well save up casts.

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Awesome, Thx for reply.

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i have 40+ waiting for it

i was impatient and was burning mine.

holding all of mine from a few days ago.

also dont forget to hold your smelting aptitude tier 3 chests for the smelter set.

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When is this patched to normal servers?

no one knows.

its part of the FEB update but it could be this week, next week or march.

Will be great to have other avenues to raise expertise other than being forced into dungeons. Especially if not in a large company with patient friends, and you are forced to group with people you do not know, who may be impatient or intolerant of people who don’t know the content or mechanics, or are just learning the dungeons. They want to rush through as quickly as possible with no errors.

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