Expertise is not linked to slot but gear?

so i DID NOT know this but i guess expertise is granted the gear not the slot, so if i got this right you expertise gear up to get bis then have to level that gear up with shards? so all those shards i waisted to just get in places means nothing when i get better gear? come on AMAZON!!

trying to understand your post mate but it’s not making any sense. english a second language?

Expertise and Gear Score are related but different things.

TL;DR: Yes, umbral shards updates only increase the specific item, not all your items of that slot. Which honestly makes sense, imagine if you would upgrade one chest to 625 and then every single chest peace you would ever have also get to 625 automatically. This is a MMO, you have to suffer to get good thing! LoL

In order to equip weapons of a given score, without losing any power, the Expertise of that slot needs to be equal or greater than the item GS. Expertise also affects the possible GS for drops, so if you’re, let’s say Expertise 580 for Fire Staff, all your drops will be at most 580 GS, except if you get a Expertise bump on that roll, which will slightly increase your Expertise (between 3-1 depending on the current value, if I’m not mistaken). If your expertise is lower than the item GS, you basically lose half of the difference in effective GS.

Umbral shards are used to update specific item’s GS, and also guarantees an Expertise bump to the same GS you’re upgrading that item to. So If you update a Sword from 600 to 610, assuming your current Expertise is 600, both the GS of that specific sword, and the sword slot Expertise, will increase to 610. But currently there are no drops with GS > 600, neither crafted items, so Expertise > 600 only means you can equip items with greater GS, but that doesn’t affect rolls GS.

you will get more shard from cast if your expertise is above 600 for the slot, so you are still rewarded for the old piece you upgraded

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