Expertise Not Honoring Pre Gypsum

If I was 600 expertise before the gypsum crafting system why the hell do I have to do get it all over again? Before you even added the expertise to game most of us kept our GS Wm on a notepad because you guys didn’t think to put that in the game yet so why is your game not honoring that pre gypsum?

“all these flavors and you choose to be salty” have you even tried it? cause i was able to cast my gypsum… before patch also dont think you even know your WM lvl


Before it displayed your expertise, you max WM had always been 590. You could get anywhere from 580 to 600 as a drop. They’ve now raised the max to 600. After hitting 600, your range is 590-600…assuming your fighting the correct mobs/bosses.


Before gypsum cast system you wm could go to 600 when they implemented the system those with 600 notice they had decreased wm to only being 590 with the gypsum system even though before it was 600.


Max had always been 590. This has been a very well known fact, that they’ve said to players repeatedly. I’m sure you can find the responses on these forums that the community managers have said pre expertise.


Yeah, was mentioned Like 3587 Times at least. Still some people don’t get it.

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