Expertise on New Weapons

New weapons, when introduced now, are highly disadvantaged. For most, the best we can get is a 600 and it will drop to 550GS. That’s 75 behind max.

This creates a lot of issues. Every 5 GS weapon damage rises, and I believe on the BB it rises by a value of 2 per 5 GS.

So as we start out our journey using the BB. At 550GS we are at 271 Thrust damage. 75 GS left on the table to bump up. That’s 15 break points. So an additional 30 extra weapon damage. On top of this you’re down 4 stats too, 27/31.

This means starting off, you’re probably playing around IDK, 87% given some napkin math, damage of cap. Musket got buffed in one patch by I think 3-4% more damage and it was VERY noticeable, so imagine being buffed 15%. It’s hard to tell where the weapon stands when expertise starts so low. Is it a trash weapon? I don’t know. It feels incredibly weak when I use it.

This problem will exist for awhile too, because it’s going to take about a month or so to get to 600 expertise for most people. During that time, people just probably will sideline the weapon because why wouldn’t they? It feels weak.

My suggestion, when implementing new weapons, have the starting expertise be the same as your average expertise. I think this still allows for new players to experience the gypsum/expertise system the way the devs intended to implement it for progression, but also let’s returning players experience new content without having to wait for a long time.

I agree. Its a problem. I said it would be a problem way back when they first announced the expertise changes. Now imagine when our expertise raises to 700 or 1000 or whatever it is when a new zone opens. I personally don’t think expertise should exist at all. Let people get the loot they get and use it. No need to have two system roadblocks to gearing (expertise/rng loot)


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