Expertise reseting Watermark? Fake Screenshot or not?

is this image an fake or an real response ? Will the expertise system reset the whole watermark system? please tell us more about that, it would be a must need information.

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Take it how you want it I guess.

They don’t seem to be a reliable source of info.

Here’s your answer!


So is there any point to crafting now? i mean i have high GS so it wont affect me, but many of my friends went different routes and haviing this new feature will likely detur many players that enjoy the trade skills. now its counterproductive to anything besides mindlessly open chests in myrk.

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Not to mention the hundreds of hours these guys put in to get the trade skills, now its all for not. and the very little time i put in mindlessly opening chests and mass killing mobs with tons of other people. yet i am the one who will come out on top and be rewarded from this update. It just doesnt seem fair imo.

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