Expertise Should Not Affect Gear Score

Gear is coveted in MMOs and one of the primary motives for engaging in the tedium that we often encounter in these games, be it looting chests or farming and crafting for hours. I strongly feel like tying expertise system to gear’s effectiveness is a poor decision, and showcases a lack of creative vision.

From what I can tell this is the equivalent of raising the level cap without actually raising the level cap, and serves only to frustrate people who have chosen one of the pathways that has been laid out for us to achieve high end gear from launch.

Imagine saving up all your life to buy a ferrari on a teacher’s salary, finally getting one, and then having the car company itself tell you that you haven’t earned the right to drive it yet because you didn’t become a lawyer or doctor first. Or for a better in game analogy, imagine leveling your watermark to max level only to be told your gear will be reduced in strength until you max out your armoring. I know, let’s make it so cooks can’t eat the food they make until they have all weapons maxed out! Or companies can’t declare war until all the players own three houses! It is just nonsensical.

There are other ways to achieve the desired ends that expertise is getting at. Incentivize players to engage in the full scope of the game in ways that don’t devalue the progress they have made. If you really want to stop people buying all the high GS stuff, ffs lower the drop rate and make most of it BoP. If you want to make sure people do the expeditions, make it so they have to finish them all in order to max out their weapon mastery – you know, the expertise system that already exists in the game.

This is so defeating to a player who has put in the time to craft gear. I am willing to be pleasantly surprised by these changes, and I know there are other positives coming out of this patch, but as of now I think it is egregiously lacking in creative problem solving, and a deeply flawed change that is already demotivating me even before it goes live.

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